Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Posting for Soul from Mozilla

Soulman here trying to post under Mozilla for Soul.

Ran some scan and hop to have gotten rid of her virus.

Regards all

OMG ! I'm posting on my laptop !

i don't know how- or why, but it's working!! i'm on explorer - but it's working !
i have been sitiin at my damn desktop for two or three hours - and the nerve pain in my back and neck is fixin ta make me suicidal ! just for shits and grins - i did a 'test ' on my laptop -- and voi- frickin- la -- here i am.

i am also rendered speechless ! believe it - or not. really. i just don't know what to say. aside from that? i need to get ready to go run errands and such... but i shall return. no idea what i'll say -- but i'm sure i'll think of somethin :))

i hope all of y'all are havin happy days in your worlds ! mine just got a hjelluvalot better -- oh man. just the releif of knowing that i don't have to sit at this desk and be tortured any longer makes me happy :))

i shall talk to y'all this evening... and cruise blogland as well... from the comfort of my soul-chair, on my soulass :))

ahhh... the simple pleasures in my little life.

talk to me.. update me... what's goinin folks?

see ya later