Sunday, September 7, 2008

shechokee she chokee=}


Hiya folks---

It’s still Sunday, -- well, it was when i wrote this-- but it's monday a.m. now- 5:35, to be exact. but I felt like writin. i Just didn't want to overtake soulmans’ post day. Looks like picking a weekend day was a bad idea. Weekends are always slow in blogland. I’m not too sure about you folks, but I was either gone, or asleep out here most of the entire weekend.

* side note- (seein as it is now monday, and not sunday-- when i say yesterday-- that would be saturday-- and of course today would be sunday... i spose if i get to a point that i acually speak of today--as in monday-- i'll just have to say monday.)

Yesterday I fished, slept, watched tv, and slept some more. i bet you wish you had my life?

And today was much of the same.

Except today I fished longer, got hotter, caught more fish, and slept less.

but you know-- nuthin good happened in the way of fishin, before a few "soul moments"

such as :

that's my finger-- literally stuck between the handle and the reel. for a while i wasn't sure i was gettin out of that--without callin hubby to come rescue

me. but , after several minutes of pain and perseverance , i prevailed-and escaped. it's cuz i'm me you know. stuff like that only happens to me, and y'all know it. :))

and yesterday-- wanna see yesterdays catch-o'-the-day?

this was actually off of two different casts--

the black thing? a six foot "zip up bag" of some type- has a handle- says pugg (somethin) on it-

ugh--- and a big ole branch- covered with moss and fishin line-- AND one of MY fishin rigs-- a hook, rotted plastic tube bait, tungstun weight, and glass bead.

yep- i saved the weight and bead--and kept the bag-

no idea what i'll do with the bag yet.

so friggin fun.

And today I actually got a nice fish.

this guy should be dedicated to jamie--perhaps i'll break my code of fishermans' honor, and package a few for her to grill up on one of her nicer days out there.

yes jamie, i'll clean em first :))

I haven’t pulled one like that outta the pond since it got hot out here. Well, not counting when they were hittin on jigs for a while. But then they just shut down for the longest time.

Except for the tiny little bastards. Soulman would catch some decent ones but I was just getting like six inch things. I was startin to get pissed. Well, today I just skipped over “my spot”, and traveled down to the opposite end where I almost never ever fish anymore, and I started catchin em once I moved away from the plastics and jigs, and used crankbaits and spinnerbaits—and voila.

this was the first for the day,

i was afraid they would all be like him, but out of three,

there were only two like that. :))

I don’t know what their deal is, but they decided they want crankbaits now. And that’s what I got all my fish for the last two days or three days on.. the same crankbait. I’m gonna cry when I lose it somewhere. I stole it from soulman on Friday – I guess. Hell maybe it was Saturday—had to be friday morning. When I got my first fish on it.

(which would be this wimpy guy)

it was brand new outta the package—when we started, but —after 2 fish— when we left-

I told soulman he had to get himself a new one, cuz this crankbait was now mine:))

and he let me keep it.

this, is a fish catchin machine !

Raine-- go getcha one-- :))

--hmmm, well, I think I’m mental.. I don’t know what day it was, but it wasn’t Saturday with soulman… I went alone on Saturday and today, so maybe it was friday morning before he went to work?

—but it doesn’t matter really. Does it? I can go mental alone right?

So anyhow—here’s some pix, for your viewing pleasure :))

And that my friends, is my weekend…

Oh—cept for these—this was Friday—after school---

Me and soulkid—she had to take some pictures for her photo journalism class, so we went to do that and here’s a few we took that day--

So, anyhow---

I just got all kindsa distracted because I went and cruised blogland for the last hour or so. Yes, spur of the moment like that. It happens sometimes. I seriously think something is wrong with my brain at times. I have no focus at all anymore. But that’s alright I reckon. At least that’s what everyone says. So whatever. I’ll just go with it. I don’t care anymore.

Do you—or y’all or whoever—realize, that in half a day—this day—half of it—i—by myself—without sharing—have managed to consume half—ok—more than half, of a package of frickin banana split oreos. That is just nothing short of wrong. Not to mention sickening. Seriously.. sickening. Gut wrenching, gag me , sickening. I don’t like sweet stuff. Yet lately I’m on some sort of sugar “something”. I eat it all the time . and lots of it. like for three or four days. Candy, donuts, oreos. WTF is up with that.? I bet I’ve gained five or ten pounds. It’s insane. I’m a fruit and veggie, and meat gal. unsweet tea, water, black coffee, that kinda thing. Occasionally I do the peanut butter m&m craving thing. I have gone completely overboard lately. If it was a drug, someone woulda locked me up by now. Crazy. If my pants zip tomorrow, I’ll be surprised . if they don’t, I’ll cry. But either way—I must stop with the sugar. Lest I explode.

Speaking of tomorrow--- it’s the beginning of a brand new week. I wonder what that means. I know that for some—in the soul crib—it could mean a lot. But I have no idea what that is, or could be, and I won’t, until Tuesday afternoon. It’s been over a week that I have had this feeling of not having control . it’s not good either. I feel like I don’t have control of what will happen, I don’t have any idea of what may happen, and the control I should have of what should happen.. doesn’t happen, so even there, I have no control. So? How do I handle my lack of control??? I don’t. That’s how.

I simply gave up on even trying. I did try. Til about maybe Saturday. Then I threw in the towel. And gave the hell up. To who? I do not know. The control gods I reckon. They can have it. they can have it all. and they can get back to me. They can just send me a fuckin memo. Cuz I’m done worryin about it. and everything else.

Al I do is worry about it, and sleep. Or try to sleep. Or sit and stare at the walls. Or my list. Sleep, write, worry, think. Repeat.

So. Anyhow. There ya go.

here comes Souls' head, in a box.

SATURDAY WITH SOULMAN (updated by soulman w/ answers)

arighttteee then----

saturday with soulman---
a day late--

Okay, so here goes… A look into my feeble mind. I am sure a lot of questions will be answered like the typical male. However I do think differently than some of my friends and also probably have some twisted ideals on why us men do the things we do. I will try to be as honest as possible and hopefully have some fun with us. My disclaimer is that it be fun and I do not want to get serious. I mean we all have different thoughts and ideals and I consider myself a strange individual at times. Heck if needed I can ask a group of guys at work to answer some simple questions to as we laugh at how nutty women are… haha just kidding.

From brad:

Where did you first meet Soul and what was your first impression?

This is easy, I met Soul in 1991 on a little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia also known as the footprint of freedom. Diego Garcia is owned by the British and it was a really beautiful place to be. However some considered it isolated duty because of its location in the middle of nowhere.

I had seen Soul a few places on the island and at work. I did not actually meet her until she was assigned to our work area. She repaired Jet Engines/parts and I repaired Structural aircraft parts. I think the first time I really talked to her she was painting a door. I just remember thinking she was cute and we started talking more at work and such. She helped me at work on different things and I helped her on a few things. We talked about different things in conversation. One thing lead to another and we ended up going out on a date of sorts… Guess who forgot their wallet??? Yup I did, our first date and I forgot my wallet and had to ask her to pay. Other than that I knew from just a few conversations that I really liked her. In fact it did not take long before I was in love with her. We just got along well and she was so easy for me to talk to. When she left the island quite a few months before me I was heartbroken but luckily we kept in touch and well… the rest is history and here we are some 17 years later.

From smocha:

In a couple days my spouse will be traveling about 4 or 5 hours to a town called Norwich.

He will be riding there with a few other guys . All of them are going there to evaluate some data center.

All excited, I said "ohh bring the camera!"

"They won't let me take pictures in there."

"Um, not the dumb data center, I mean on the way there. Who knows what you'll see."

His reply....."I am NOT looking like some stupid tourist in front of those guys!."

“Ok, here's my question. What is he thinking? What is the big deal, if a guy takes some pictures for his wife??”

Well, I know exactly how he feels. Guys feel foolish taking pictures unless they are around someone else taking pictures. Especially if the entire group is men.

I think in this case it is even weirder or goofier because he will be around people he is going to work with. Basically this is a business trip and if he starts taking pictures then they may think he is not here for business he is just here for a European vacation of sorts. We would not mind possibly if we were by ourselves but in a group of guys the camera will stay in the case. Around a group of guys at work it will never come out of the case. Work is work and cameras are not allowed.

Another take on this is that from young boys we are taught to act like we own the place or not be overly excited about new places because in some crazy way it is a form of weakness. So no offense Brad but this would be considered Gay.

From Mary:

Why do men stand side-by-side when talking instead of facing each other? I watch guys do this and it puzzles me.

Ahhh… haha see this is a simple case of women being to observant… A guy would not even notice this and I do not myself. But I think you are correct. Why do I want to look at my buddy or coworker while we are talking haha.

I think we are programmed from an early age to do this. Always walking somewhere and talking along the way, at work and at play we are normally walking as we go. I know at work I am always walking to go get things when talking so we are normally side by side walking and talking. If I go to a football game we are always walking along to get into the game so walking and talking side by side. At the football game we are sitting next to each other during the game and talking side by side. Fishing as a boy with my brother we sat side by side fishing and talking. Heck even if I think back to my younger years hunting with my Dad we sat side by side looking for deer so we are programmed this way.

Also, think back to the early days of man, hunting with the tribe… you can not be a hunter and provide for the tribe if you are facing fellow hunters. Into the 1900s with all the world war etc. We are programmed to be on watch sitting in a trench in World War II side by side watching for the bad guys to come shoot us.

Yes I believe it is ingrained upon us at an early age.

From Cheryl:

Question for Soulman: Don't you ever eat the fish you catch?

This is a sympathy question isn’t it? haha Well actually it depends on what type of fish it is.

Fish I have caught and eaten are as follows.

Crappie, Walleye, Trout, Salmon, Catfish, and White Bass (I do not like the flavor of white bass so I always let hem go now). I have also caught and eaten Wahoo and Tuna and Mahi-Mahi.

I do not eat any type of the green version of Bass. Black Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Spotted Bass always go back to the lake.