Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sushi made a friend today

(click on pic to make it bigger)

no, she didn't hurt him..
they just checked each other out-
then birdie flew away-

everybody loves sushi-

weather - wednesday - weekend on the way

how do ya like THIS?????
it's perfect !
ice chest-- rod holders---tackle box---big seat , for by big , bony ass.. :))
that is gonna be my new ride, if i don't get my drivers license back SOON!
hubby could make that in a day or two--- can you see me on THAT?? OMG. i couldn't-- but at this rate-- i just might get desperate enough. !
i don't keep the fish.. so i could use the cooler for wally hell runs ! :))
oh geesh.. i really am losin my damn mind. this is true any mental stability i had left whatsoever - is now gone..
i just cannot remain trapped in this house anymore--- not with the weather like this... LOOK at this forecast ! just look.. this is DFW over the next three days-----

wednesday- 78, degrees !

thursday 82, degrees !

friday- 90, degrees !

I'M in Heaven !!!!!

i may just get a kiddie pool-- or one of those backyard ponds-- and fill it with bass-- then i can fish in my own backyard !!!
hey-- gotta compromise sometimes, right??

and hey-- you know where i'll be this weekend right??

right HERE

fishin my guts out!

(IN 80 + DEGREES !!!)

anyhow-- what's y'alls plans o' the day???