Thursday, February 21, 2008

life has been put on hold in soul land

ok, maybe not life-- but the weekend, has been cancelled. well, postponed really. til next month.

i feel like hell, this is kickin my butt.. hubby got home from work and decided to change our reservation. cuz i look like THIS:

and everybody knows---
when mamma aint happy-- nobody is.

i will get to y'alls comments i owe prolly in the mornin.. ...

hope you all have good nights out there

overmedicated? i doubt it, but still, i got nuthin

yep it is actually quiet here at the moment.. even the animals are quiet-- strange for a morning. usually it's animania!
anyhow-- my voice is crap-- so i'm not even talking to them today. so they are all strewn about sleeping.
and hubby and the child are gone for their days out in the real world -- as i sit here and wonder-- what-- other than picking up rx's will i do today with MY world. hmmmm. good question. i'll let ya know latah.

so anyhow--- i spose that's it.
i'm snotty, and hacky, and kinda tiahd and sickly---
hoping it will ALL pass by tomorrow---
so i can do THIS:


happy thursday to y'all