Monday, September 7, 2009

it's 9 somethin in the mornin and i'm fallin asleep !

well, maybe it has somethin to do with only sleeping about three hours last night. ok perhaps four. but obviously not enough for this ole lady. ugh. hard to believe that sometimes i can go for days with no sleep, isn't it. damn, i'm tired. i don't know why, but something has been making me fight sleep like a baby lately. this passed couple days, i'm just flat out exhausted, but i fight naps, and bed time sleep as well. no clue as to why. just mental i reckon. like right now for instance. any normal human being would simply take their tired ass back to bed. what do i do? drift off, wake up, and TRY to stay awake. but why? i have no reason to force myself to stay awake. nothing pressing to DO. last night i was doin the same stupid thing. til soulman nearly physically dragged me to bed. he would holler out here from the bedroom, asking if i was awake-- i wouldn't be-- but i'd say i was-- then i'd fight to stay up. finally, i woke up in my chair-- again... and there he was, sitting at my desk just grinning at me. like i was busted. :)) my first instinct was to look around for a burning cig-- or any evidence there-of. then i let him help me to bed. (asleep on my damned feet)
WTH?? can anyone tell me why i do such things?

so. i remembered a couple of things since i posted last night. boring. but it just seems that's how things are lately. but, remember when i mentioned a procedure i might have on my back, but couldn't remember the name? well, i remembered the name. and i am having it.
it's called a "rhizotomy" . and i will be having it done on september 21st. they can only do one side at a time. i guess it's like doin wisdom teeth? they don't do both sides at once cuz you'll be rendered useless??? or perhaps partially paralyzed temporarily. not sure there. but i'm goin with the worst side first-- my right. then the left on october 5th. it's not "real" surgery, but they do a little cut in the skin, then burn the nerve root-- or nerve endings with a lazer, then voila --- if i'm lucky ... we all know i'm not very lucky, but if it works... i should be pain free -- or at least have a whole lot less pain for several months. of course -- the downside? it will get worse, before it gets better. just peachy. several days to a few weeks of even worse pain... until we see results-- if any. but it's worth it to me to try. look what jamie went through --- this is nothin at all compared to that. and she walks faster than i could prolly run right now. i can only hope for such results. we shall see.

so anyhow--- i think that's about all i got for now.

i really need to vacuum my floors today. they look like crap. i also need to hang stuff. i bought things to hang in my newly painted bathroom, and got stuff from storage to hang in my bedroom, etc. so i best get offa heah, and off me arse, and get productive. ya think?
me too.

happy labor day peeps.

fire up those grills and smokers... i know mine will be a-goin later on :))