Wednesday, February 13, 2008

eye just can't help myself

so--- eye update-- "allergic conjunctivitis". hmmm. you'd think that a person like me.. who googles every possible medical term under the sun, would know what that was. but noop. didn't. not til yesterday. first time i heard it was when Gypsy said it in the comments. then i take soulkid to the eye doctor-- it was easier to get in there then the GP-- cuz it's "flu season".. lovely. so we go in there-- and here's something else i hate-- since it kinda seems this week i have a runnin list of things i kinda hate on... is when ya got to a doctor and they THEY ask YOU.. what's goin on.. or what do YOU think it is?
well.. lemmee ask YOU dr asshat-- if i KNEW-- would i be HERE.. paying YOU to tell ME?
so the friggin "nurse" (?) i don't know-- asks first-- the one who did like a little eye exam .. "so what do YOU think is goin on"?
to a 13 year old! but leave it to soulkid! :))
"i think i have bacterial conjunctivitis". i HAD to laugh. she sounded so educated-- but at the same time.. i don't know--- it was just kinda weird. for me.
so anyhow-- we got through the exam etc.. then go in and the reg dr comes in.. same question.. i chuckled and told soulkid don't even say it-- although-- i guess i shoulda just left her alone-- because as it turned out-- she is apparently smarter than i give her credit for-- and 2) smarter than ME. i already knew that-- to an extent at least. it just sounds funny to hear a teenager self diagnose themself with a term that you have never even heard. maybe.
so she said she thought she had pink eye.
i felt bad afterwards-- that i stifled her intelligence btw. i won't do that again.
so-- she goes through the exam with the doc---
guess what--
it wasn't "bacterial conjunctivitis" BUT it is "allergic conjunctivitis"... which is basically the same thing-- only not contagious. not an infection. so she got a rx for drops, and can go back to school today.
she is of course upset that she cannot wear makeup for a few days-- and tried to get out of going to school this morning-- but i wasn't fallin for that little trick. her dad almost did. but not EYE . :))

so anyhow--
yesterday was busy-- but it was sporadically so. make sense?
i accomplished a lot-- but in bits and pieces.. and i even tossed a nap in there-- me and soulkid both did. we were tiahd.

hubby cooked some damned good burgers on the smoker after work. along with some chicken. there was only enough chicken for soulkid, but we both snuck a bite just to see how it turned out .. holy cow-- it was awesome! we have wanted to get a "big green egg" for like 7 or 8 years-- and finally got one-- we have only cooked a few things on it so far-- but i'm tellin ya-- it makes the BEST tasting food EVER!

so anyways-- i gotta get motivated here ... or at least try to.... so i will catch up with y'all later-- hopefully not as late as yesterday---

hope you all have happy days in your worlds today--
i will try--