Thursday, May 1, 2008

i really meant to get a decent post up today - but

i obviously didn't get there.

i was extremely busy most of the day.
then hubby got home from work -- and we decided to go fishin. we were gonna go to the pond where we usually go when we don't take the boat.. but we ended up at the creek. we haven't fished there in so long. it's been a couple months since i've even driven by there. we were just gonna drive through and have a look to see how it was doin, but it looked so good we figured we fish. it has to be close to a year since i fished there, but i don't even remember, but it's been since the big flood, whenever that was.

but anyhow, i got a fish on my first or second cast. :)) - on none other than a "coffee tube bait "
and the first thing i thought was that i had told Jyankee a while back that i would name my next fish after coffee bean for congratulations on her starting "big girl school" .

so in honor of The Coffee Bean,
i bring you

(he looks bigger if ya click on him)

"Joe Bean"

awww c'mon, cut me some slack, i haven't named a fish in a looong time. i'll be fishin more soon.

i'm almost caught up on my life--- now once i get caught up with y'all.. i'll be a fishin fool again.

happy night y'all

hopefully i'll be able to hit a few blogs before bed and the rest in the morning.

see ya then...