Saturday, July 25, 2009

everybody loves a train wreck -

at least that's what i was told. it wasn't meant as a negative response. but it made sense. moreso recently then at the time actually. (it was said in reference to my blog, just so ya know)

anyhow. i see that. maybe i've seen it for a long time, and just didn't notice. but i do now.

i also see that perhaps my life is a train wreck.... whether i allow it to get that way, or circumstances take me there. i have never been kept down. i have been derailed, even crushed like a penny left on the tracks at times. but i have always.... i do always.. put a shine back on and roll on down the tracks. i don't stay down for long. ever.

call it stubborn. call it inspiring. call it bullshit. i don't care.

but right now--- call me a bitch if you want to, but i've had enough.

enough of the --- well everything.

in my real life...and my blog life-- which y'all know-- is the same.
i don't throw bullshit around in either.

i can't shut down my life here in the real world---

but as for this blog --- i can. and i am.

i really have had enough of it. layin my blood, sweat, tears, and heart out on these pages--- only to be left in a daze when someone i don't even know says something off the wall. or worse-- someone i DO know-- says nothing at all... or even more challenging.

no need to wait for the collision here. because train wreck or not--- as always--- i'll get up and walk away, just like i have always done. setting my dented up little train back on the tracks.. and movin on down the road. a little bit stronger than i was before.

take care y'all....
it's been real-
or has it?