Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Big Bad B****

no, not that B***

i went to the doctor .. yep they did actually call me back..

i never had so many "things" comin at my face in one ten minute period in my life. geesh. some kinda wand thing -- looked like the eye things-- or the ear thing.. i didn't know if i should open my mouth-- close my eyes or RUN. man. then came the light up the nose, the ear thing, the throat thing, even a nose swab (to check for FLU)-- which thank God, i do not have.

i do have Bronchitis though. just as i thought. i can always tell, just from the way it feels..and my voice.

so-- after spending almost 2 hours there with the :

i dropped off an RX for cough syrup-- and carried my butt home with two inhalers , and a rx for antibiotics (to only fill in 2-3 days if i'm not better). hmmmm.

of course i got the smoking-- or should i say -- quit smoking -- lecture--
all i could do is nod in agreement , -- i know i should stop smoking..... maybe someday i will. today is just not that day.
so, i got home, and soulman was here, i gave him the rundown. he was pretty happy to hear that i shouldn't be contageous, but not too happy to hear that it's bronchitis. i always have a tough time gettin rid of it. it always hangs on for a while. hopefully i got it fast enough this time that it won't get too bad. ??

sooooo... i chatted with hubby for a little bit, but my head was pounding-- so i took some asperin and thera flu-- and came to bed.

then hubby brought me some :

yep-- soul - soup !

it was really chicken noodle (progresso) but it was good. him and soulkid ordered a pizza.

now my headache is finally gone, so i think i will take myself back out there, and watch american idol.
(it's half over now, but it's recording)

so anyhow-- have good nights out there peeps...

what is this? the week from Hell?

i mean.. happy humpday folks!

holy crap. what a damn week, and we're not even technically three days in yet.
but it's freakin 4 a.m. and i feel like i have a chainsaw in my throat. not a good feeling, in case you're wondering.

i made it to about lunchtime yesterday when i noticed my throat hurting. at first, i was hoping it was from smoking too much, cuz i really have been smoking a lot lately. a lot for even me. which is really--- A LOT. but it only kept getting worse. by 3, i was at the drugstore getting cough-drops and thera flu. YUM. afterwards, i canceled my day. planted my ass in my chair and stayed there-- except when totally necessary, until after american idol. (which we had to record, and watch late, cuz hubby got home late.. so it was ore like 930 or so, but still.... ) this shit hit me like a ton of bricks. i should have seen it comin though, because saturday night soulkid had one of her friends over here for the night, and that girl coughed and hacked soooooo bad , soulman finally had to ask if she was sick. she said she wasn't , that it might be an allergy or something. we didn't think so. but what can ya do? by then they had been out, and home, and it was probably 8 or 9 pm. we couldn't throw her out for coughin. but by-gummit--- next time i will. i think the kid had strep. at least that's what it feels like.. that deeeeep sore throat that makes me feel like a big baby..and a cough. and i feel all crappy . JUST what i need right now-- days away from going out of town. if it is strep--- it maybe 7 out of 10 times turns to bronchitis for me. yes i know-- smoking is bad for you. oh well. so is everything else.
so anyhow, not just me, but soulkid said she wasn't feeling too well either, but she hadn't lost her voice yet. hopefully she won't. and really, soulman getting sick is never a good thing ... being an instructor-- there's not much he can do at work , without a voice. terr-ific.

ok.. i'm done with my crybaby attack. for now.

ahh.. we did manage to get our drivers licenses yesterday. it went so easy. we thought we'd be there for hours by the look of all the people there--then the cop there started going through the line of like fifty people, asking what they needed, half were in the wrong building, most the others in front of us were in the wrong line--- as were we--- so it went really fast. and i had another good hair day--- woo hoo!
i didn't see my pic, but i told the guy to make sure it was a good pic, and after he took it he said it was. so i will wait and see.
another good thing about that--- we didn't have to do the eye thing! i was sooo worried about that this time. i have never sweated that before...... but last time-- about a year or so ago-- i nearly failed it-- i had to close one eye to see it! after i got mine hubby got his-- back then-- he had the same trouble-- but i had told him about the closing one eye thing.
so yesterday we were both all worried about not making it through the eye exam... luckily neither of us had to take it. PHEW! it's pretty easy when you only change an address here. well, unless you go on friggin presidents day!!!

so anyhow--- i don't think much else is happenin here. i have a dr appt this morning, and errands and housework later--- then i imagine i will med-up and go to bed when i get home. if the cough or throat get any worse through the day--i'll have to make a dr appt-- i do not want to be sick this weekend--or get anyone else sick here. the kid has missed too much school already this year, and hubby cannot afford to get sick.

ok.. i shall attempt to catch up on my comments here-- sorry that i have fallen behind yet again. bad me. don't take it personally-- i'll get it together pretty soon. i hope.

anyways-- happy humpday peeps!!!!
make it a good one....