Wednesday, October 5, 2011


mornin peeps !  i reckon it's gettin close to coffee time for y'all.  come on in.  i'm havin my coffee, and smokes .  if ya don't know by now, this is what i call 'the smoke and choke'.  where i cruise around the computer - either business, or pleasure, i chain smoke, and pour coffee down my gullet for an extended period of time. i have learned to cut my intake of these small pleasures - but enjoy them just as much as before :)).

so anyhow - i hope y'all are stumbling in here  in a good mood -- or, even better -- i hope you leave feeling  better than when you arrived ! i hate to make ya feel worse.  it is surely not my intention. i have no bad news - so i don't think ya have any worries to forge on today.  :)).

this sure was an early day for me.  not how i wanted it to be , that's for sure.  245 AM.  yippee.  damn back pain woke me up yellin at me.  then i decided i had to go pee.  when i came back to bed - i noticed the tv was entirely too loud.  i turned it down// then realized the channel was on 'something' totally ridiculous.  obviously had to turn it down, and change the channel. then what do you think happened?  yup- found a really cute show that caught my interest! so i had to take a pain pill, light a cig, and watch what was left of it!  after that?  it was 3 AM, and i was wide awake !  what do you think happened next?  yippers -- i got out of bed -- and here i am, in my office -- talkin to you!  hello!

 i know it's been a few days since i've posted anything.  i have posted fish pix on face book the last two or three days.  but that's about it.  just tryin to let folks know i'm still alive .  well,  ok.  also to brag a little maybe :))

but i really was planning to not put them on face book - but here -- and let folks on facebook come here to see em.  if they made it over.  but i just didn't have the time or the energy to do that yet. -- so -- to go with my original plan -- and for those folks who don't use FB - or those who do still come by here-- :)) hello to you!! --

here are my recent catches - and more- i am gettin so close to Walter -- i can smell him!!!  he just might be at lake fork -- but i sure am doin good at the local ponds this past week... he just might be in one of em.  he's close.  he's real close.  and i am on a quest.  i think i am gettin a little help with my new found fishin buddy -- know who he is??  Jesus!  yeh , we talk when i fish.  and i am gettin some really niiiice fish when we have talks.  so i can't help but to acknowledge him.  it is the little things ya know.  he has been helpin with the big things too -- but i'm not here for a sermon.  i'm sure y'all know he works in my life by now.  i'd be dead five times over if he didn't.  right?

hmmmm... so, does anybody care to make a wager ? that i get walter before new years 2012?  that could get interesting.  especially since i never fish in the cold - and it is beginning to cool off .- this could give me reason to not hibernate this year.  although- if i freeze to death -- i might blame YOU.  :))   shall i show ya what a ten pound bass looks like?  then my most recent catches?  man i'm close.

i do not know these people-

(click all pix to enlarge)

this pic = girl has a ten pounder / guy has a 6 pounder
my quest is Walter - the elusive ten pounder !
i have caught more than one 6 + pounder.


9-17-11 TO 9-24






-same fish as above - (10-4-11)

thoughts?  think this is my year?  we have a raincheck from our fishin guide -- due to my stupid injury on our guide day.  so perhaps 'walter' is at Lake Fork?  maybe i can catch him there?  or just perhaps -- he is at one of the local ponds that i have been doing so well at lately???   either way.  any way?  i have pulled out my 'back to basic lures etc, and decided , the new fangled expensive fancy , pretty , baits they have coin out with over the passed few years are nothing but just that.  pretty and expensive.  this last week, i have gone back to basics.  the regular ole stuff we fished with back in the day -- and just look what happened!  people stopped using the good ole fashioned stuff.  i reckon it's like home cookin... there just isn't anything that compares.  basic basic basic.  there really is an easier softer way.
i hope walter can see that !!!

y'all have wonderful days today my peeps !  mine will busy again, but that's about the norm these days.  and that's ok by me.

my sistah -- my real life sistah is coming to visit us for the weekend -- i'm so excited!  i was afraid she would leave the country again and not get to see each other for another year.  but we will!  that makes me happy.  of course- it means i must clean up my house.  that's not a nightmare like it used to be though-- the place actually doesn't look so bad these days.  well -- if ya don't look up or down, at least :))  neck pain can have it's advantages sometimes - ha!

bye folks !ha - hey it's humpday -- make it happy !! enjoy yourself!

be 17 again for a day
- wouldn't that be FUN ?