Friday, June 11, 2010

girls week FINALE

mornin peeps .

ok, this is it. i spose i need to return to real life and grow new blog fodder, after today. but as for now, as promised -- i bring you-- stolen video from my sister smocha's blog , of girls week 2010. as i still await photos that are in the 2nd video -- get on it smocha -- please? i even got cd's to put the pics on-- but she actually did run out of time to do it before i left. so i still wait.

(ya need to click the video -- then click again - cuz it's messed up-- full screen watch it -- i don't know-- or watch it on her blog -- the link is in the post -- 'smochas blog -- above) sorry -- it uploaded wrong -)

anyhow-- i just left her blog and she did get these videos up.. not much else because i am sure both the girls are totally wiped out after finally getting back from graceland last night. so, as i have had a couple days to recover-- their recovery only now is beginning.

so anyways -- my friends -- i bring you -- girls week -- live -- :)) enjoy :))