Thursday, August 21, 2008

yep-- it's true :))

i've only been tryin to get this post up for maybe two or three hours---
obviously-- it's a beatiful day in the neighborhood here this morning. (not)

but--- coming soon to a blog near you--- will be another soul/jamie post--or posts. this time -- from none other than sin city.
and trust me.. i'm ready to sin-- a little-- within reason. :))

so- yes, the soulman and i -
will be on our way in a few short ( i hope ) weeks-

to meet with simonsays/jamie--
and her hubby and family-

for, what i hope to be a few soulkid-less days-
in las vegas !

i sooo hope it happens-
we have talked about this for several months-
but with her job stuff, and moving,
and on my end-- money crap -
and soulkid crap-
and medical crap-
and crap upon crap upon crap-
we just weren't sure if or when it would really happen.

yesterday morning, she confirmed her end of it-
that she had already dumped a small fortune on their reservations-

so now-- it's my turn.
that's where i now have to scramble.

because, for starters, i have totally screwed us financially;
well-- not alone- but the damage is done.

which leaves us , literally starting from zero dollars to get
quite a large chunk of change built up to be able to go.
i think we can manage to save a bit-- i hope it will be enough.

and secondly--
(if that's even a word)

someone we all know and want to spank-
yes-- the soulkid :))
has decided to find herself in some bad situations
over the summer-

whick kinda leaves us in a bind of who we can trust to leave her with
for a few days when we go-

WTF- is with the sudden underlining???

if all works the way we want it to--
we will have the visit of all visits-
because the few that she and i have had so far-
have been very short.
by the time we recover from the drive-
it's time to go again.
this time we will have three full days-
so it better happen or i will be one bitter old haggy soul

and with that---
i'm off to see my head shrinker---

maybe if i'm lucky-
she might give me happy pills :))

have happy days today-
i'm gonna try
even if it's illegal- immoral- or insane-
ok-- i doubt i even know how to do any of that stuff-
but maybe i'll take a nap and dream i do.