Thursday, January 24, 2008

too early thursday drivel (is drivel even the word i want?)

mornin peeps.

what a week eh? seems everyone, or most everyone, has had a hell of a time around here lately. i haven't been much for words, but have managed to read a bit the last day or two-- and it doesn't look too bright out there.
sick parents, sick kids, sick peeps... sad peeps, delayed plans, broken hearts. life can suck can't it?
i hope things change for y'all soon. for the better of course.

things here are easing up a little. not having midnight is .. well, i don't even know if there is a word for it. there are a lot of feelings though. i have even called sushi , Midnight, several times. that is pretty messed up. a dog the size of midnights head-- weird .

anyhow... i did manage to get out yesterday. took care of some things i really needed to do, a couple things i wanted to do, and neglected-- of course a couple things i should have done. i thought i might get to those today-- but oh hell no-- it is too friggin cold for me to leave the house today-- so i think i will catch up on my neglected house today. which, as usual, is mainly the damn kitchen. kitchens just piss me off. especially when i'm pissed off to begin with.
i don't think pissed off is the word tho. not for today. i'd just rather be able to go fishin. or something.

yesterday i drove by the creek that i used to fish at a lot. i saw a guy catch a trout. that was pretty cool. but it was too cold for me to fish. i would love to catch some trout though. i haven't caught a trout in several years. if i got some trout.. there would be no catch and release-- there would be a fish fry! :))

welp-- i spose i shall get this party started round here.
i woke up at like 3 a.m so i'm pretty sure today will require a nap--- :))
i usually don't like to sleep during the day much anymore-- i feel like i'm wasting time. even though it used to be my favorite thing to do... but anyhow-- i think lately-- i kinda like it again.
keeps my mind from spinning. i really need to go fishing. :((