Saturday, May 15, 2010

who knew dawgs wore goggles? oh and someone went to prom :))

have you evah seen anything like this !!!

not me - til i grabbed dinner at a drive thru tonight :))
it was then that i laughed like a mental patient- alone in my car -

howdy peeps!
here? not a whole lot.

right now i'm textin back n forth with my poor soulchild. things aint goin so well it seems. and to make it worse? she wants me to go get her right now. :(( i can barely see the text on the phone--- much less a damn thing on the road out there in the dark for a 80 mile round trip drive . ugh.

so anyhow--- here's how lovely she looked when she left--- too bad it didn't turn out like she thought it might. it was actually a 'friend-date' - now it's just a get - me- outta- here- kinda thing. awwwwwww.

y'all know how i luuuuv kittehs? well, guess what!

we have four more !!!!
one of the outside cats had babies !!!

yes, it's true. four new additions and we didn't even know it ! not til last night. they must be a week old by now. maybe five days or so. we rarely use the front door to come or go. usually we go thru the garage. the main times we use the front door is just to feed the cats out there. which , as most of you know, WAS normally three. and an occasional straggler or two. ugh. well. yesterday afternoon, or- evening, whatever-- soulkid and soulman used the front door - as their only alternative- other than bein locked out. cuz he was on his bike, she was walking, and i had all the keys etc. so. she looks down at their shelter-- which is a scratching post/castle - that our cats always turned their noses up at - choosing my furniture to tear up-- before their miracle de-claw :)) (evil laugh).

anyhow-- what did she see when she looked in there? well-- about the same as i saw when i got home -- cuz of course she called immediately -- to tell me the GOOD (???) news. bleh

go ahead-- look
you know i'm thrilled to no end


anyhow-- one more thing before i let ya go-- i was lookin for a pic-- never did find it -- BUT i did happen to come across a old post. i wrote it around Christmas '08. i sat here, laughin out loud all the way through re-reading it for the first time. i had forgot all about it. i read it aloud to soulman. apparently, all it did for him was stir up old anger. which is understandable- but so not my intention. most of y'all know that this was an awful time in our lives -- and really -- it was laugh or cry back then. if not for my demented sense of humor there's no way in hell i'd still be here. i think you all know that much by now. so--- join me on a trip down memory lane-- have a chuckle or two... detach from reality for a minute -- i did-- you can too- :))


It was the night before christmas and all through the house

The soul pets were mental, and spot ate the mouse.

Eevee and sushi were fighting like bears

While jitterbug sharpened her nails on the chair.

Soul checked on her girl, hell, she’s not in her bed

The vision of beating her flashed through her head.

She first checked the closet, the kitchen, then bath,

Only to realize the kid snuck out the back.

She slapped the cat off the chair, kicked the dogs in the teeth,

Then woke up the soulman to go find their teen.

Off to the back door, he ran out in a dash,

His facial rosacia was flaring , it looked like a mask.

The soulman was pissed as he ran out in the cold,

Yelling for soulkid to get her ass home.

Then what to his wandering eyes did appear?

It was soulkid, two friends, and detective, dick greer.

With a sideways glance at her dad, so guilty and quick,

All three of the girls ran passed him and dick.

Inside the house they ran right into soul,

She knocked each of the girls, one by one to the floor.

Don’t move, soulkid, and You, and YOU little vixen,

Tell me, now where you’ve been, or it’s your ass that I’m kickin!

The kids had been out running the streets,

They Sat at the park, they said, but soul didn’t believe.

Soulman walked in from his talk with the cop

The girls looked up and laughed at him wearing his croks!

Soulkid said “dad, I’m so sorry you know,

I just can’t be scared of you wearing croks in the snow.”

He glared down at the girls as they giggled and chirped

While he tried to look angry it just didn’t work.

There were three teenage girls laughing at his feet

He was caught in the middle, with no one to meet.

He burst out in laughter , extending a hand,

soulkid reached from the floor as he helped her to stand.

he sent all the girls to his now half grown kids’ room ,

and said to his wife “what the hell will we do?

the cop got them for curfew , but God knows what’s next,

we know that you’re cursed, now that’s got me perplexed.”

Soul looked up at the soulman, and saw in his eye,

That his little girl growing up had made the man cry.

So many years have now seemed to slip through,

Now there’s so much not done that these parents should do.

Soul lit a cigarette , the man ate some fudge,

Both watching in silence as sushi shat on the rug.

Horrible tunage blared through soulkids walls,

Right into the living room causing soul to bawl.

she was stressing, and achin, and about to crack up,

the music would kill her if it wasn’t shut off!

With a flip of his wrist, he threw open his cell,

soulman texted the kid to shut down stereo hell.

she didn’t text back , but the noise it did cease,

to the soul-parents amazement they were finally at ease.

the man locked the windows , and set the alarm,

then said goodnight to the girls, threatening bodily harm.

if they were to leave in the hours of the night,

he was hoping they knew it would be their last time.

then with a grin he backed out of the door,

no giggles or chirping sounds this time for sure.

he went to his wife and he wished her night to be well,

then he spoke into her ear, welcome dear to teen hell.

BMB 12-17-08

(this was fiction- it never happened-- but a shit ton of other stuff did)


just one more thing- i just read a pals blog
and found a most disturbing post on the TN flooding.

(unbelievable, and very sad)

(click above)