Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turning

well, i figured i'd title this with a little song of the day for you. at least it's a good one. unlike some other bloggers i know. ehem ! :))

anyhow, it kinda goes with the wheels in my mind that are turning at the moment.
i have actually not been totally comfortable with the "new" title of my blog since i changed it a while ago. and, well, recently one of my blog buddies, has suggested... actually more than once... that i change the title to

"Heart And Soul".......

there are a couple reasons for this...

1. Queen Earlene.. refers to my mother... I, am the "finest" part.

2. people think that I am the Queen Earlene Part.. and sometimes call me that in comments etc.... which for reasons, some undisclosed on these pages as of yet... i don't enjoy...and i always correct the error as quickly as possible.

3.. and to repeat myself... it just doesn't feel right to me. it really hasn't since i made the change. maybe because she's dead... maybe because... i just don't know.

4. i'm also trying to move away from the mange part of "soulmange" ... it's still my online name i guess...but more often than not... is shortened to soul... except when i'm logged in...and just occurred to me that i can change THAT too.

so anyhow... i am on the verge of a title change yet again... but have decided to let y'all help me this time.
below are a few ideas... to include the one suggested... now y'all just let me know which you like better.... or suggest your own... and we shall go from there...and majority shall rule.

heart and soul

my gypsy soul

ok... i've drawn a blank... throw some suggestions...or cast your vote now.

NOTE: if anybody needs a good laugh.. read the comments and see OLDY"S... i almost fell out of bed laughing ! she had like twenty suggestions... all hysterical ! (some inside jokes, but some are GREAT!) go see.