Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it's 333 do you know where your soul is?

nope-- i still haven't got over the 333 thing-- nor have i got over the sleep problems. i was wide awake at like 125 a.m. ugh. will it ever end? i wonder that sometimes. just wonder if i'll ever be normal. if it's not just waking up for no reason, it's a bad dream, pain, a noise. or like i said-- really, no reason at all. ridiculous. that's what it is.
do y'all think it could be menopause? that wouldn't bother me one bit-- well, not if it would hurry up and get over with anyhow. :)) i'll still prolly be one of those people that remains a ragin bitch for ten days about that time-- but i will still be relieved , when that stuff is over. i have had a lot of hormone tests lately-- due to the thyroid crap-- and it seems to be a possibility. i really can't wait til it's reality.

lol-- i was just thinkin how much my male peoples must just love this topic. i guess i can move on to somethin else. i've been half asleep for the last twenty minutes--- forgive me, for i know not what i say :))

so, anyhow-- what's on y'alls agendas for the day?
mine? well, i have to wait for the dryer dudes to come fix our brand new friggin dryer. i hate it when something brand new is broken. especially a high dollar something. yes, we got it on clearance-- but it wasn't used-- it was just an "open box"-- or so they said. turns out the drum is bad. it wouldn't be bad-- cept it hits a screw on every rotation. and when it does it- it sounds like it's bein hit with a sledge hammer. not fun. what's more fun? a new prob that started like the day after the guys came to troubled shoot it.... it began sounded like it had bb's in it too--- woo hoo--- i love laundry as it it-- add all the noise-- and it's a damn party! not. but that should--and better be fixed today.

i want to go fishin for a couple hours after the sun comes up-- but they -- the oompa loompa guys-- for the dryer-- could be here at about 8. or, they could be here at noon. but i can't take that chance. so , if i do muster the energy to go, i must go soon, and not go far-- or long. and i have things to do before i can even leave. ugh. if , or when that works out, i spose i'll be workin on my tackle bag. and bathroom wall paper. and other tedious tasks.

but until then you know how to find me- :))

happy humpday

ahh PS-- wanna see sushi at her dumbest? well, almost, her dumbest---

she's sportin some jeans mon'
(the girl is in heat again, the little trollop!)

well. i hope y'all have good days today-- it's humpday -- so ya better !