Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hiya folks-- what are you talkin about? i didn't say a word.

no. i am not off my nut. i promise you that.

really y'all. what post? today? did i say somethin to confuse you? or perhaps i upset or concerned you? oh my dear friends, that was so not my intention. y'all know i would never do that on purpose. that is why, if what you saw was bothersome, it won't bother ya anymore. cuz we never saw it to begin with, right?

let's just say i had a lapse in reasoning. or maybe i had a senior moment, and forgot that i was bein stealth - like about a certain situation, and i perhaps got a bit mouthy. umm, loose finger-y ? ya know what they say -- loose lips, sink ships? well, i spose i'll have to figure out a 'line' for what loose fingers can do to a gal. shit. i reckon in my case? it could do a lot more than sink a ship.

shaddup. you know you love my 'code' language.

but really folks. no need to worry. no one is 'after me.' or any one of us souls here. what i was sayin was that -- in the simplest, less self condemning possible way ? there is reason for the big guy in town, to suspect that i -- or the larger soul in this house, might have reason to cause bodily harm to someone else. and trust me, we do.
but we won't. and everyone knows we won't. because-- we aren't that stupid. we know too much, and so does the big man.

i know. more code. i apologize.

but yeh. i'm not in some kind of delusional state of mind here. there is a very good possibility -- like 100 % -- that all 3 of us, have been bein 'watched' online. our facebooks, blogs etc. so -- i kinda tossed some crap out this mornin to let 'someone' know, i knew -- and didn't really care.
i'm not gonna stop bloggin, just cuz some asshat didn't wanna be on our side of 'this'. so hard to believe, and so enraging for us. moreso than what even happened. the one to help-- actually seemed to do the most damage.

i need to shut up and go to bed. perhaps xanax is worse than any kinda loose anything else-- it leads to sleep bloggin, and we all know - sleep bloggin can be my worst enemy.

so, enjoy that little tid bit of confusion -- smocha -- hope someone gets more from that than the other one that you didn't see earlier.

now. i will go to bed-- and feel free to call Kevorkian, anytime-- y'all have my number dontchya? send him my way k?

until next time-- just love me-- and don't worry.

btw peeps-- i do eat--- ya just can't tell. i can't believe how awful i look lately. umm dead i mean. kinda like her:

i just need to shut my mouth -

contain myself-

and drag my ass to the pond a few times -

don't you agree?

then i would look like that ^ rather than -
cuz really folks - i do look like hell- and i know it