Thursday, February 28, 2008

still don't know nuthin

well, it's still a wait and see game. but the doc did seem to know what he was doing.. for once.

i have a MRI and a EEG scheduled for monday. no driving before then..and maybe after. it's wait and see.

it's possible that it was the flu etc, that caused the seizure-- but it's possible that it's more. but i aint goin there. yet.

the guy did at least understand that i AM in pain, and di rx some pain meds-- unlike the other docs i asked for meds. geesh. wth is it with docs these days?? i asked him once, he asked where it hurt, i told him , and he wrote a very generous script. phew.

he also explained why i am sleeping so much-- basically my brain exploded. not really, but it overloded itself or something like that. it just kinda shortcircuited or something ..i dont remember how he said it...but it should be back to normal soon. either way-- i am pretty tired again right now, and about to go to bed. we have only been home about half an hour. :((

surely this will end ?

anyhow.. that's my update.. i won't have any results prolly til tuesday?? not sure.

well.. i hope you all are havin good days---
i'll check around on ya after my nap! :))

you know you're jealous!

this will be me in about two hours. sexy huh? of course i am not looking forward to the makeover-- but i am looking forward to some answers.
i have been doing some reading this morning... would you believe that fibromyalgia has been known to cause convulsions?? so has chronic pain/nerve pain.. etc. not to mention.. migraine headaches!--- which i had-- for six days runnin! crazy.
i just don't know what to think about this. i had so many physical problems for an entire week that could have contributed to this. my whole body was out of whack. pain, flu, headache, no food, or liquids, or meds , (stayin down).. the last two days-- i had been stickin to gator aide and water--and even that wasn't stayin with me. SOOOOO. all i want is some answers. for once-- i want a doctor who knows what the hell he is talkin about-- someone with some experience with this kinda thing. no guessing. ya know. good solid answers and my drivers license.

my appointment is at ten... don't know how long it will take-- but when i get back i will let ya know what i know-- if anything. i hate not knowing stuff. especially something like THIS.

anyhow-- i hope things are perfect in your worlds today--
i'm gonna fake perfection... worry isn't cuttin it... so why not, right?