Tuesday, December 23, 2008

hamburger burgermeister

well shit wth is wrong with this thing? i don't see this happen to anyone else. the blue, and mysterious underlining, or bold text. or whatever this thing decides to do.
see that? i didn't do nuthin to make it change or be blue or none of that.

but anyhow... who cares right?

i didn't come in here to bitch about that anyways. nope, i came in here to bitch about other stuff :))

just kiddin. i hope to not bitch about nuthin. this time. i actually don't know what i'm gonna say. i sure have been havin a hard time writin lately. seems there's just really nothin goin on worth tellin the world about, ya know.

i could tell ya that i did get my thyroid nucularly scanned today. i asked what the machine was called; it's a gamma camera. hmmmm. wasn't it gamma rays that made the hulk turn into the hulk?? interesting. the machine looks a lot like an MRI kinda sorta.

it didn't take very long to do the test. the first one was all waiting. once i got in there and took the pill, i was done. so it was literally a ten second appointment. but of course there was the lovely paperwork to do first too. that's always fun...and time consuming.
then we had to go back for the actual scans at 12:30. that took a while. maybe 35-45 minutes, then it was done. but still--- we have to go back and do it all over again tomorrow. woo hoo. well, all except the pill. at least i think not. hell, i don't even remember. i think it's just for more scans. i don't even care. i just wanna know if anything's there that i need to worry about, and if not, let me move the hell on down the road. ya know ?

ya know what? i lied. i do have to bitch. at least a little.

it's true. not only mine either. all of them. every last one that i come in contact with. let's send them all away somewhere til they're 18. no, make that 21. from twelve to twenty one teenagers can just go live somewhere else. we can even give them Hawaii. turn em loose out there, with the sand and the sun and the surf and the pot and all the trouble they can find. maybe if they don't jump into an active volcano we will get them back when they aren't idiots anymore. hmmm. it's a thought.

so. i bet everyone is all ready for christmas right? groceries are bought, ready to go? presents all wrapped and under the tree? pies baked, cookies made? stockings stuffed?
oh man, i feel worse and worse with each word i write. why? cuz we are soooo not ready. nothings wrapped. no groceries are bought. no meat marinating. no stockings stuffed. no pies or cookies have been baked---or even bought.
but hey--we got the tree up !!! that's somethin, right? no?
well come help me ! hurry. cuz this is what i look like lately ---

and i'm runnin outta time....gilbert

happy almost christmas!
hope you're all ready :))