Thursday, January 1, 2009

i think it's time for me to take a break from here

actually, i've thought that for a couple months, but today - i'm sure of it. i just can't keep trying to pretend that things are ok. nor can i keep whining that they are not.

i didn't start, or continue this blog to get sympathy or pity from anybody. seems these days -- that's all i get-- or people don't come or if they do they decide they just can't respond to such crap that i spew.

i can't write a decent post anymore. i can't leave a decent comment anywhere anymore either.


this blog-
until further notice.

i love you guys and all that mushy stuff.
but i have way too much happening here
to have my focus lie in a world
that distracts me from what's most important.

i'm afraid if i don't get back to reality,
and face what's goin on here,
i will continue to fade away.
until my whole world is gone completely.

and that is not how i want to be.

i really do hope every one of you has better luck, better health, and very much happiness coming your way.

i do expect to come back when life levels out here-- but , i can't be certain that will happen. the leveling, or the coming back. i spose time will tell.

hugs to you all


it's finally over--finito-- behind us -- good riddance and fuck you 2008 !!

welcome 2009

at least i hope so. it can't be a much worse year. it could be. i just will keep thinkin positive and believe that better things are coming for all of us.

sooo anyhow--

who actually went out and did anything? believe it or not, we did. not anything big; we went to the movies, and saw

it was a very good movie. sad at times. but good.

we got home just in time for the last five minutes of the new york - new years show, and watched the ball drop, and had our traditional toast. first time it ever included the words fuck you to the previous year. hopefully the last.

and i reckon that's about it.

i've attempted a couple of posts , that now sit in my draft file. unfinished. my brain is just fried i think. too much goin on lately i guess.

i just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year--- i planned on emails or texts-- but i'm a old haggard woman and i must sleep now.

catch y'all later.