Wednesday, June 9, 2010

weeeee're baaaack !


the golden-esque girls

phew! finally. we got back yesterday from a most horrible drive home from hot springs, arkansas. we had to take the long way home, which added at least an hour and a half to our drive. it wouldn't have been a bad ride, if not for the fact that i was in such agonizing pain i could have cut my own arm off - from the shoulder blade out. ugh. seriously, by the time we got home, i couldn't even use my right arm - at all. not good. but happy we got home safely. oh.. duh. why did we have to take the long way ? that would be because my child forgot to get her (expensive) camera from the motel we stayed at the first night we got there. we met the other half - and stayed there because it is only about ten miles from the cemetery - that holds my boys and half our (me, soulkid and my sises,) family . SO-- we had to go get that before goin home.

soulkid @ y-city inn

anyhow-- didn't mean to start out complainin, but that was the last and closest memory in my mind. seems i always tell my stories backwards--maybe that's why?? hmm.

so-- all in all? we had a really good time. and soulkid was a happy companion. she actually enjoyed herself being amongst a bunch of ole ladies, and spoiled felines. i'm sure she had lulls of boredom, and times she wanted to be home with her friends her own age. i know she did , cuz we talked about it. and we talked about her dad, alot. she missed him. i don't even remember the last time she's been away from him for that long. but- like i said... we all four had a real good time. even considering the not so great moments. and those weren't even horrible.

i did try, but fail to teach Vicki how to fish. ( my sis was too cheap to spring for a fishin liscense -- (11.00 for three days-- hell even i - el miser paid it.)
:(( she enjoyed it - but no luck. for any of us actually. i think it was the weather though. not the teacher. or her skillz. the fish shut down, but the skies were scary. we took the boat out, but we only lasted out there maybe an hour or two, when the lightening and dark clouds rolled in. we packed up and headed to the boat slip. just to be on the safe side. of course half an hour after we settled in at the house the sun is back out and blazin hot again. not a cloud in the sky.

scary storm clouds

we tried our luck again at the dock-- with the cat in the stroller :)) -- yet still, no fish.
it was a good time tho.

on the way out there? me and soulkid ALMOST got in a really bad car wreck. -- it's true. i could feel the car was on two wheels and we were slidin and whirlin down the hiway at 75-80 MPH. maybe at a 45 degree angle -- or worse. when i finally 'heard in my head" to let off the break.. and when i did i finally was able to get control of the car. MY instinct was to just let go of the wheel and 'give up' . i figured it was all over and we were gonna flip- we were already almost sideways . soulkid was asleep and had already been jostled- hit her head on the door etc-- i was scared to death... all because some fool decided to change lanes- directly in front of me goin like 60 -- ugh.
anyhow i got control back, and we were fine. scared, but fine.

so- moovin on --
the other girls were at the motel before us- and they were none too happy with the place. i told them - i think you two forgot where you came from. but i let them continue their "eeewwee fest" about the very old and run down motel. -- when she finally does post about it - all i can do is send you her way. -- my mocking them just won't do it justice. :))
they even made a video of their 'horror-and disgust.' it really is an old place- but it is where i have been goin ever since i put my son there - 21 years ago. ya know? soree-ya. it just has never bothered me-- until they nit picked it to death. it was good to hear when the owner told me they would be updating/upgrading after the summer :)) but really folks it isn't 'that' bad. no bugs or nuthin. just old. it's "nostalgic". :)) and just look at the hidden gem behind it !

soulkid at the motel creek

so anyhow-- on the way to her place in hot springs-- after visiting the cemetery the next day-- we stopped at the crystal mine and dug for crystals. me and soulkid didn't do too bad. we enjoyed ourselves. of course-- tweedle dee and tweedle dum, were hot, and let it be known. they DID have fun too though.

(soul - crystal diggin)

soulkid did really surprise me , and kept her whining to a minimum on the entire trip. she did of course have her moments-- but no way was she gonna risk those concert tickets-- her and a friend went to the concert last night-- and had a blast! they saw (MGMT)

(soulkid crystal diggin)

when we were at her house we did lots of old lady stuff but had a lot of fun doin it.
and believe it or not-- soulkid was an important part of our fun. :)) i don't think she even knew it. i'm glad she went along. i was worried at first that she would be bored and crybaby the whole time... she was very good to have along, and i think she is happy she went too. my sister seemed to enjoy having the time with her too. they haven't had much time with each other at all since soulkid was a toddler. it was nice to watch them bond a bit.
soulkid n aunt sissy :))

the best part of all? the whole trip was nearly stress free for me. seriously , even drivin. well, except the near fatal almost crash. that was pretty stressful, and it lasted a while. the drive home, was so painful, i didn't have a chance to feel any stress. soulkid thought i was stressin and started rubbin my back a little-- i told her -- i'm ok, really, i just hurt really bad. she offered to drive -- but that would definitely make me stress- and the traffic was hell. we were gettin close to home, near dallas, and no way, was i gonna risk it. but i appreciated the thought and offer. she really was a good kid the whole time. i enjoyed her company. and we don't get that opportunity near as much as i would like to.

soul n soulkid - road trippin

i definitely must go buy the game catchphrase. and so must Y'ALL. it was so fun!!!
we spent a lot of time playin that. no one ever plays games here-- but they will when i get that game. (it's made for 4 to play- but we managed with 3 when soulkid ditched us for phone calls :))

anyhow-- i hope you all are havin happy days in your worlds !
i'll be seein ya!
i'll have more about this another time-- plus a link when my sis gets her post up-- plus more pix when she ever sends me their pix.. there are so many more- and some on soulkids camera i haven't even seen yet -- so check back.

now i need to recover-- some more -- i'll catch up with ya later--