Monday, November 17, 2008

what a wasted day - please sah, may i have anothah?

when "they" said, someone oughtta slap the crap outta you!!!
i had no idea that it would ever be ronald mcdonald!
what is the world coming to?

i had to spend the day alone with my thoughts after that.
but here i am.
did ya miss me?

ok-- check out this video--- it's a little longer than it prolly should be--- but just watch... i don't think that kitty likes that woman much.

ok-- how bout this one-- i couldn't help myself-- i cracked up like a crazy person.
so, i'm easy to please---
happy turkey day :))

you may be wondering by now, why the hell i am puttin videos of worthless crap on here???
that would be because i have nothing to say-- but i wanted to post something all day long. i just cannot find my creativity button. it got misplaced somewhere in this mess i call my home.

and that is why i don't have one- :))

- i accomplished not one thing all day. except a long nap this afternoon. the rest was spent -- thinking-.
what can i write about?
where will i find some good pix to put on my blog
i have nothing to say---i am brain dead
i must get a life
i have to get out of this house
i owe so and so
and so and so
and so and so
but i cannot think of anything to say there either.

you see, literally-- i thought of what i could or should or wanted to do the entire day---
but i did none of it. none.

therefore--- i spose that means :

even so--- i did happen to find the vanity plate that i will be puttin on my next car--- or maybe my boat trailer ---

kinda fitting, no?

ok i'm done for the day-- goo-night peeps