Monday, June 18, 2007

Mother Nature Is A Bitch!

if anyone has read my first post of the day...and the comments section, y'all know already that my day began rough , as it was.
BUT... while i was out, finally running my errands for the day...and already in a rather pissy mood...and hungry. i had been too busy to eat at that point. in fact i just now sat down with a delicious "cup a soup"...YUM. but even though i am starving...i must post this real quick first.
anyhow... yes josie .. a meatball sub would have been delightful...but you will soon see why it didn't even cross my mind to go there while i was out....
ready? (click any photo to enlarge)

(soul sneaks a quick bite of her yummy ramen)

ok.... i'm out runnin errands...banks PO box etc... so the Post Office is near the creek... yes the one i catch all my big bass at... not the pond where monstah boy came from, but they're not far from each other.... so i'm actually on my way to the post office.... when all of the sudden everything around me instantly turned to total destruction !!!! no shit ! i called hubby, to have him google the town i was in to see if there had been a tornado last night that we didn't hear about. he did, and said there was no news at all about it. interesting.
because LOOK...

THIS is my creek !!!! my haven. God i hope the fish are ok. there was a family there while i was taking pictures... throwing big ole muscles off the bank back into the creek..LOTS of them ! i did see several live turtles swimming around... but maaan, i'm worried about the fish.

above is my fishin spot ! see how high the water got, where the grass is all laid down?

This is also my spot.. right at the bend in the creek. THAT POLE on the ground... it did not come from the pole it lies next to. i have NO idea where it came from. it's just "there".

this one above here, is just a little bit from the bend... this is where i caught my first big bass at this creek... look at that tree. there WAS also a birdhouse there nearby.. a tall red one.. the pole remains.. bent over almost to the ground... i think either someone stole the birdhouse...or it got washed away.

this is the entrance...obviously. the pavement is destroyed...and do you see the guard rail at the end? water did that. this was all FLOOD damage. not a tornado....or wind. just the fury of water ! 8 inches of rain in one hour...according to a lady i talked to.

that wooden "plank".. or "bridge" there... no clue where it came from.. i've never seen it before !

there's a better shot...

geesh. well... i didn't see any dead fish... but it doesn't mean it didn't happen. i sure hope NOT.

these pics below are about half a mile down the street....

that is a NEW pickup in the great circle i drew...that got washed into the creek in these peoples' yard !!!!!

and below... look at all the grass and debris on that bridge! THAT is how high the water got !

just imagine if we were out there fishing when all this happened. crap!