Tuesday, July 8, 2008

just babblin, bout nuthin

Well hell people. I have been tryin to write a new post for days. Nothing seems to come together.

Maybe this time??

I really don’t have a lot to say. Nothing has been happenin around here lately. Well, unless you wanna count tryin to put my life back together.

I will admit that it was quite the relief to see that y’all were as understanding as you were in the below post, with your responses to what I had to say.

That was one of those posts, that a person really kinda wishes they never put up. Ya know. But--- well, once it was there—it was kinda just there. Do or die, I guess. So, I left it alone. I’m still not real comfortable with it. it was actually too much information. But, if nothing else—it was good to get it all out. If not for you—it was for me.

Anyhow--- movin off of that topic---

Onto—what? I have no idea at this moment, but something will come to me. Maybe.

We’re tryin to get our vacation plans put (back) together. Things got all screwed up this passed couple weeks. I think we have it figured out now—cept getting the budget back in order. That’s the fun part. Not. But I think it’s doable. I just need to cook at home and stop the fast food bullshit. Hubby has cooked a few times, but for the most part—it’s been “out-food/ or to-go food”. And it adds up way too fast. Simply asinine—and lazy. But really, I don’t know who out there has felt like this—but I’ve been damn near paralyzed… just unable to function… in any sort of responsible manner. Ugh. Lots of catchin up to do.

Soooo—that means I get to clean my sty of a kitchen, and grocery shop today. And y’all know – those are my two favorite things in life. You also know that’s a blatant lie.

I have a million other things to do—just don’t know what, how much, or if anything, I will actually accomplish. But hubby is back to work, after like 5 days off… and I usually do more around the house when he isn’t here. So I guess I’ll just have to get back to you on that.

We did figure out which one of the cats is the culprit – who’s been peein ON the guest bed !.. AND poopin, on the guest room floor. I find it just ridiculous for any animal to do something like that—to pee ON a bed !!! it infuriates me to no end. I also had brand new bedding on said bed. Which is obviously now ruined—along with the mattress--- and now will all be taken to the dump. At first we thought it was both cats—but last night—SPOT was caught in the act. No one has been in that room since bro in law left— whenever that was.. a week ago? Well.. the frickin mattress is soaked… all at one end. WTF???? I just don’t get it. but .. the cat has got to GO ! if we simply close the door, she will find another bed to piss on.. and with my luck—it will be the one I have years left to pay for. And in that case—I don’t know if I could restrain myself from drop kickin her thru the house. I doubt I would really hurt an animal—but oh is it tempting. But yep--- as many times as I have threatened to get rid of these cats--- she has got to go. Asap. Jitterbug—the fatty cat--- we will give one more chance--- she’s the destructive one.. but that’s cuz she’s a clumsy lard ass, and claws my furniture—and barfs on everything , cuz she’s a pig. But a cat who pees on furniture?? I don’t think that habit can be broken, or affordable. So she is outta here. Sad part? I don’t know anyone who will put up with her—she’s psychotic. Really. Sooooo.

One more thing on my already full plate.

But hey—at least I’m not sittin around cryin, and fightin with people all day long lately. I think I have at least somewhat of a rational train of thought this passed couple days. And I will call that a blessing . I have been sleepin a lot.. guess that crap really wore me out. But I won’t complain, cuz I don’t think I hardly slept at all for a month. If anything, maybe 2-3 hours a night—and a few nights , not at all. Sooo… I reckon I’ll take what I can get—until I level out.

Anyhow—I reckon I should get this day movin.

Hopefully I will accomplish something worthwhile.

Happy Tuesday folks---