Sunday, January 6, 2008

hiya peeps

howdy folks...

i'm still alive.. just havin internet problems. gotta shake things up a bit ya know. dish goin out wasn't enough for us , so we ended up losin internet on saturday too. just cuz we're us ya know. things like this, and gettin evicted for no reason, or gettin caught in a damn flash flood... in the city. you know, things that kinda just don't happen.. happen to us, all the time. we are the disastrous duo, you know?

anyhow--- movin right along.... did i fish yesterday? yes, yes i did. did i catch any? no, no i did not. did i enjoy myself? yes i did. immensely so. it was so warm outside yesterday. the wind was a bit too much at times... but it was worth it to put up with a little wind to have a summer like day in the beginning of january! today is even better, but i have spent the entire day inside.. on the couch.. in my jammies. dunno why.. just kinda tired today.. or lazy...nah... tired.
but anyhow--- back to yesterday--- yep-- i went to my favorite pond.. (i will put a pic up later on..some of y'all will not believe how different those apartments they're building look now..very nice)... anyhow... i didn't even care that we didn't catch fish--oh ya, hubby went too, neither of us caught any fish... there was an egret there fishing too-- and he didn't get any fish either.... i think that made me feel better :))
we didn't stay very long, maybe an hour, and i didn't fish the whole time. i sat for a while and just watched the egret and took a few pics and just talked to soulman. it was just really nice to be outside again. it really does me no good at all to be cooped up in the house. i wasn't born for cold climates; i just cannot deal with it. i don't go out at all it seems, and before too long it begins to affect me in ways i don't realize until it gets warm again. it's hard to explain.. but somewhere back early in my blog i compared a couple pictures of when i came out of my agoraphobic cave of like five years , and began to go outside .. the difference was really drastic, in a short time.
amazing what a little sunshine and fresh air does for a person.
so anyhow, i'm rambling. probably because i know this weather isn't gonna last, and i will regret not taking advantage of this day. but that's ok i guess.

(ok.. it's later , for this part--
cuz here's the picture
you can click to enlarge)

unfortunately, i screwed up, and somehow,
THIS is the only picture that didn't
get erased. UGH.
yep, the egret pics are gone
and so are several others.
i think i shall be exchanging this camera.
i'm too technically challenged for this one.

OK>> now you can go back to you regularly scheduled readin. :))

anyhow... obviously .. hubby fixed the internet problem, but it is a slow connection. the cable people will be here tomorrow--- for the third time.... i wonder what they'll screw up next? good thing my cell is my main number. :))

welp... i'm gonna cruise awhile, hopefully hit everyone's page, and i will hopefully see y'all later, and post a pond pic , if i don't have anymore outages.

until then-
ore vuas