Thursday, December 25, 2008

CHRISTMAS STUFF posted late-- due to stress, and a senile mind

i started this post yesterday-- i think. just never got around to puttin it up.
(but here's some more lovely possessed bold type for ya.. apparently, it'll go away when it feels like it.)

i guess after i went to the store-- i left this one on the back burner-- and started the novella -- i guess sooner or later it will be posted above this one. i just thought i'd throw this up here to give y'all something to look at while i polished up the other one. yes , and made it even longer. i should prolly just never proofread or edit my posts. i bet they would be much shorter-- and prolly better. somehow. just a guess tho. but i always have to get my paws in there, and screw it all up. just like when i open my damn mouth, and screw everything up that way too-- like just a little while ago. ugh. somebody help me. kill me? drown me? shoot me? sew my lips shut? anything?
i don't know what has come over me lately-- i just never seem to say or do the right thing to or for anyone. it's just not good.

i already forgot the name of the below painting--
but it's "soul - somethin"
and i like it.
click the blue link, if ya want, and it'll take ya to
it, and more.
the gal is real good if you like that style.
kinda high dollar though. you won't see one on my wall.

susan tower

as for the video below-- it came out in the late 80's -- a christmas song... non traditional.. and not slow and boring. it's the kinks... anyhow-- it's there if ya wanna hear it-- if not-- don't bother.