Wednesday, March 26, 2008

magic carpet ride

this would be me:

burying my head in the sand.

or, quite possibly;
it's me, being held down, every timei think i'm making progress.

either way---
it's kinda frustrating.
as you can prolly tell by the last few-- or many-- whichever--
posts here.

do you see a whine coming on?
i hope not, cuz i think i might.
i'm not feeling too perky this morning.
i should , you'd think.
i just don't.
hopefully that will change ...
ya never know with me.
sometimes it does.
but of course sometimes it changes-- for the worse.
depending on where my buddy schleprock decides to hang out.
ya know.

i'm not even sure where to begin this post-- even though i already did , but you know what i mean:

so-- i'll start with yesterdays re-cap i spose---

we accomplished a lot.

hubby taking my car in was one thing that turned out good.
it was actually kind of funny, and i was happy that we were both able to get a laugh out of it--rather than be angry.
which for a few days, we both were.
we both thought it was a serious problem.. at under 3,000 miles.
and i was already feeling that i had made a mistake in not buying a used car. ya know.
it was just one of those
"runnin out of time, high pressure sales, kid trapped at the closing mall, do something now, type things"
and we did it.
so anyhow---
he got home , it luckily didn't take more than a couple hours...
i asked what the prob was---
and seriously-- with both of us being mechanics--of sorts--
me-aviation, and some auto knowledge--
and him aviation , and very good with cars...
we both had agreed that it sounded like a bearing.
maybe a tie rod or something else in the wheel area.
so, he chuckles, which lemmee tell ya -- it isn't common for him to laugh at himself-- he is much better about it than he used to be--
but the man has a large ego-- sorry to say.
anyhow-- he hands me the paperwork, and i read
"splash gaurd bolts loose"
WTH? i say
i never heard of ...
then i realized what that was.. before i got further...
and we both started laughing.

he did apologize for not checking it--
he said he just thought he knew what it was..
but then again so did i.
really--it didn't rattle like anything was loose..
it squeaked when ya turned only to the right..
like a bearing would.
i laughed, but not in a bad way-- and actually, i laughed at both of us.
any other time, i would have took a look myself.
but y'all know.. there's been a lot of shit goin on here.
so that was really just a few hours of his life he will never see again.
don't know how it came loose though. they must have just not put it on right.
there was like 6 or 9 miles on it when we got it--
and really-- i drive like an old lady.
so-- that's that.

then after that-- we had phone crap to do--
he argued with our phone slash tv people...
they were all kindsa screwed up--
therefore i hadn't paid them in over two months--
my fear of conflict maybe-
whatever it was-- my failure to face the issue had caused some big problems.
such as the phone part-- turning over the tv part to the tv place--
BUT still trying to charge us the tv bill
AND the tv place trying to charge us the TV bill.
so i finally just handed all the bills like 3 or 4 to him.. and said
really, you need to handle this, i can't deal with it.
it took him an hour on the phone.
he did get some "fees" knocked off.
he got the bill paid--
the part that technically we owed.
but still the phone part is expecting us to "double pay" the tv part--even after turning it back to the tv people.
it's paid-- but now we -- or he has to argue with them to get over 2 or 300 dollars (2 months) knocked off
cuz we are NOT payin twice for the same 2 months.
needless to say-- in his frustration with the phone ppl..
he cancelled our land-line as well.
which none of us care about or use anyhow--and it'll save us 60 bucks a month.
so i hope it kinda pissed off someone over there.
their incompetence already caused us to cancel our internet with them after less than a week after we got the phone. WTH?
sometimes i name companies on here just to piss them off-- but sometimes i don't
today i wont.
i think cuttin them off is good enough for now.
but anyhow-- i'm glad he was willing to help me with that one.
i was too stressed out to handle that gracefully. and i knew it.
i woulda been too bitchy.

so-- while he was doin that--
i was dealing with doctors offices-
scheduling appointments--
getting med issues worked on--
balancing the checkbook etc.

then we left for my appointment.
the bone scan/bone density test.
the unofficial report says
which is "almost" osteoperosis.
big surprise-
i see the doc who ordered the test on friday--
and will have the official report..and will let ya know what they say.

then we ran a couple quick errands, and went to get soulkid from school for her appt-
she was in a really good and happy mood. which made me happy.
her appointment went well.. looks like she's doin ok, and will be doing better soon..
so , yippee for that.

by then .. we were all sooo damn hungry i coulda ate roadkill !!
i hadn't eaten anything ALL day-- and it was almost 530 or so..
soulkid hadn't eaten either- and soulman hadn't eaten since breakfast.
lemmee tell ya--
we are not happy people when we are hungry--
just ask smocha--
we get mean..
and i will tell ya---
i am THE worst of us.
when i get too hungry--
well, i am mean. to anyone and everyone.
and that's where i was at at that point.
so they fed me ASAP!
and it was soooo good.
i felt bad for the young waiter though.
i ordered ALOT--
and was kinda rude until i ate some bread and an appetizer-
by then i was better.
hubby made excuses for me..and gave those "knowing looks" to him..
you know like
don't worry, she'll be ok, she won't hurt you--
well, as long as you feed her"
poor kid.

we had a good dinner overall though.. we had actual conversation ! all three of us.
i couldn't tell ya how many times we have gone out to eat and sat in silence .
not all the time.
but often we won't have anything to say--
or will argue over stupid stuff with the kid.
i hate times like that-
but really enjoyed last night.

then , we went shopping.
i KNOW. but even that was ok.
except for the fact that i was worn the hell out.
it was a constant runnin day.
i felt like a grunyon. :))
soulkid got a couple pair of shorts,
i got a hoodie and a shirt
we both got a stuffed animal from horton hears a who
even tho we haven't seen the movie yet.
just for fun.
hubby didn't find anything...
although all three of us went for shoes.

after that we FINALLY were able to come HOME.
and i tell ya--
it felt sooo good to BE home.
it was really a busy day.

we watched american idol-- most of which was already on DVR--
and i chated with jamie a bit-
then i went to BED.

then i woke up too early again this morning. 430.
i have half a pack of cigs left - which will last- if i'm lucky- til about 8.
i have a appointment with my shrink-
to possibly get off prozac and onto "something else"
in order to continue being able to take imitrex for migraines--
without having a heart attack or a seizure.
which really kinda worries me.
imitrex is a very good - non-narcotic- miracle drug for migraines.
the last one i tried nearly killed me and was a very strong opiate based drug. UGH
the one that made me puke ALL night and go to ER.
neuro did give me another one the other day-- i just don't think it will touch a bad headache--
not the ones i get that last three days.
it does help the back pain, i'll give it that much.
but i need to get off the prozac-- and stop experimenting with pain meds. ya know.
SO that means i gotta drive today--

as long as i don't get stopped or something stupid--
i think i will enjoy that.
i miss driving!