Wednesday, April 29, 2009

here ya go-- my almost four days of vacation hell

surely none of us expected any more than that??

i was gonna put it out a day or two at a time, but it's really not all that much --- so here it is.....


well, howdy folks-- hope y'all had good days today. mine was rather -- well, hectic i guess would fit. i know i shouldn't complain. afterall i am on "vacation." right. but you may have forgotten.. i am also ME.

i'm not quite sure where to begin. at the beginning-- when i woke up. or at the end-- going to bed-- now. hmmm. that is the burning question.

i could start with last night. soulkids new sweetie was over for the evening to spend time with her before she would be gone for a week. they hung out for --an eternity--and he ate with us etc. he even played guitar for us. what a guy eh? but ya wanna know what else he did? he reminded us that this coming week is "TAKS TESTS" ! that would be hell week for every student and parent in texas-- just in case you didn't know. the TAKS test is a test that carries the stress almost like that of the damn SAT. i have hated it ever since we moved to texas. EIGHT years ago. and i don't even take the damn thing. it changes peoples lives. parents and kids alike.

did you buy airline and disney tickets for summer? hmmm, well guess what--- you can kiss that money goodbye-- cuz your kid has failed the TAKS test and has to go to summer school. if they don't go they fail the year. oh , and as an added bonus? you get to PAY 200.00 bucks for them to go. if they don't pass the re-take in summer school? they still fail the year. all because of this great test. so don't dare miss it--- and don't even think about failing it. you will never forget the horror of it all. none of you will. pass- or - fail. it's test-hell.

so anyhow-- yep-- TAKS is like tuesday and wednesday or tuesday and thursday or some shit like that. i just figured we'd call this whole "vacation" thing off and just stay home. hubby would have none of that tho. he knew i've been wanting to come out here for a long time, and he was gonna make it happen. so the days of the tests-- he's gonna take her to school.
ugh. that's a lot of drivin. 2 and a half hours each way. i hope to GOD i don't have to do it.

tuesday she has aftercare--- so he's gonna get the boat runnin, and they'll stay all night at the house. i'm gonna stay here with the dawgs. little creepy, yes, but i'm a big girl, i can handle it.

so. now that i've found my starting point. i have also found my stopping point.
i'm whooped, and really have to go to bed. i'll write more in the mornin when i smoke and choke.
for now--- goo-night all.
hope everyone had a happy saturday.



mornin peoples--
well, i thought i was just gonna start where i left off , and add a few fill ins from friday etc. but i think i'll start from this morning and then add the fill ins etc. the story just wouldn't be the same without the mornings added R& R now, would it?

so. picture it, sicili, 1937. oh wait. wrong story.
ok, how bout : 420 somethin pounds of us in a bed made for 200 somethin pounds of someone else. let's just say i woke up feelin run over by a train, and hubby got the caboose ! we just don't do little beds. i forgot this place had a double bed. we have a king at home, and the last few times we've come here-- well, it's been to one of the condos-- and they have kings. umm.. not here. it's a double--- and it's just almost funny-- if it didn't hurt so bad.

well, i woke up with hubby gettin back in bed after gettin a drink of water--- there's no not wakin up someome in that bed. it was still kinda dark, so i asked him what time it was--- it was 630 ish----so i just got up. then he got up a little bit later.
kinda my fault-- well, i'll blame eevee. ya , that's it. :))

i go into the kitchen to make coffee.

i didn't turn on any lights yet.. cuz there's a loft--and soulkid did end up bringin a friend, since they have to go to school for the TAKS - so i didn't wanna wake em up. so there i go waltzin into the kitchen...gonna turn on a small light over the sink, and get some coffee goin, and take the dogs out. BUT--- i'm stopped in my own shcleprock tracks! unable to see, or find a light switch. but on the floor is two "puddles". dark--thick "puddles". actually-- it looks like puddles of blood in the dim morning light. so i ask hubby ... where the hell is a light switch, and what is this on the floor????
he finally comes out there and turns on the light.
wanna know what it is ?? it's dog poop ! eevee dog runs. lovely. almost more fun than how i was woke up yesterday. UGH.

but-- i'm falling asleep-- damn i'm exciting-- guess we're goin fishin.
i'll be back--with the rest of the story.
ok-- i'm back-- but not for long-- just long enough to whine. you're surely used to that by now right?

anyhow-- hubby caught a fish.. a nice one, not huge-- maybe a pound or so. but it was a fish. wanna know what i caught? notadamnthing. WTH? i hope we get to get the boat out here. it'll at least give me a little edge. i think. there's a lot of grass in there -- and i caught lots of that-- but nothin breathin.

so-- lemmee tell ya how i got woke up this mornin , then i'm gonna go--

i was sleepin. obviously. but i was realllly sleepin. i was even dreaming. then i hear my kid yellin thru the house--- "moooooom! i'm hungry! come fix breakfast!" mind you-- she hasn't done that since she was like 7 !!! ugh. i go stumblin out there to yell at her. she knows how to feed herself-- trust me. soon as i go out there -- what do i see? sushi. runnin out of the kitchen, at lightning speed with some kinda meat in her mouth , she drops it, snatches it right back up before i can take it away, and she runs into her cage. this dog could win a marathon if she had someone chasing her for somethin she knew she wasn't sposed to have! the little shit dog. (she did it once with a jalepino pepper that got dropped on the floor -- we just laughed at the consequences she would face for thet one! ) well, i wasn't about to get my aching body on the floor and crawl into her tiny crate to find out what she had--- so i just vacuumed the floor where she dropped it and made a big ole mess. man she's like havin another kid.

oh. did i fix somethin for my kid to eat? hell no. but her dad took her and her friend to burger king after we got on the road. but that's fine with me.. i got to drive all by myself..all the way out ther---with my own music, and no fighting...the whole way. remember what a fiasco last time was?? OMG we faught the entire time. i was almost in tears when we got here. i almost threw her out of the car. we didn't have phone service or i woulda called her dad and put her in his truck with him. it was a horrible drive. so at least the ride was was was nice.

so anyhow i spose that's about it for now..
exciting i know... it gets worse with age -- so hold on to yer butt :))
catchya later.

hope your kids and dogs have been good today :))



well hello again. i reckon unless i decide to post this thing in pieces, - which i prolly won't --- you won't have had time to miss me huh? well, i left for almost an hour and you didn't even know it.

just leave it to me to get distracted after "hello". la la la.

i'm a loser baby, so why don't ya kill me.
that's a song by the way-- just for anyone who may not know. it's one of those ones that pops into my head sometimes for no reason really.
kinda like....
i'm on a mex- i - can- whooo-oaaaa ra-di-oooo.
that is a really stupid one, but i kinda like it.

i guess my taste in music is sometimes like that of my taste in movies. i'm one of the few who just might put napolean dynamite in my top fifteen. or maybe even "attack of the killer tomatoes". haha. actually i'm not too sure about that one. i've only seen it once, and that was like over thirty somethin years ago. and i'm one that does watch a lottttt of movies.

------ why in the world does this thing NOT have spell check? i'll be in a world of hurt if spell check doesn't catch all these errors when i transfer this to my blog. i swear i used to spell better. proof of my age maybe?

so, like i said-- i am all over the place with this thing. my mind is a flutter-- with clutter. :))

maybe i've just been alone too long?

i'm just feelin a little strange right now i think. i mentioned the girls had the dreaded TAKS tests this week.... well... even though we didn't think the first one was til tuesday-- the other girl wasn't allowed to miss school today. which was prolly best for our kid too. but that meant everyone gettin up at 230 a.m. -- the primping hours--- so that they could leave by 5.

they made it out on time-- which is good. even though both girls dragged their asses.
i thought, after they left, maybe i'd go back to bed. riiiiight'. that wasn't gonna happen. i'll be lucky if i sleep at all the whole time they're gone. ugh. after they left, what did i do? well, obviously, i started writing this. but i only got like two lines in, before i was all wired up. so i got up and made more coffee. realizing i had enough left after that one--- for ONE more pot. peachy. i coulda sworn that can was almost full when i packed it. guess not.
while i was up--- i ended up goin on a cleaning frenzy. and of course these places always have the cheapest, crapiest, leakinest coffee pots you could possibly use. so i had that mess to deal with.
it's a small place and didn't take long to straighten up. so when i finished i came back to this, and really didn't have a direction to go in. so i guess i'm goin in every direction. like the wind is blowin right now.
i checked the weather before we left home--- it said it would prolly rain some for a couple days---- did it mention wind?????
ummmm, of course not--- so here i am, listenin to the wind rip the trees down. not really. but it is a-blowin. more like gusting. it'll be quiet for a while-- then it'll just blow like hell out of no where , knockin crap out of the trees-onto the tin roof-- sounds much worse than it prolly is.. i hate the wind. i think i may have mentioned that a time or two ??? (but i do like tin roofs)

well anyhow, not only does the wind and weather ruin any chance of me goin fishin... well... i just don't like wind. i hate it. fishin or not. i despise wind.
but-- that's one good thing about hubby takin eevee back home with him. i told him last night i didn't want to deal with two dogs here by myself. eevee is surely the better protector... she would rip someones face off if they broke in or somethin... sushi might try-- but she couldn't get past the ankl with a ladder :))-

anyways , eevee is so afraid of storms and bad weather, she would be freakin out right now-- especially if there is thunder.
sushi is much less hassle. she's better house trained--asks to go out, and she sleeps with me. also, as for eevee--- well--- she got a hold of a brisket (that was the meet sushi had too) the night before we came out here-- or the morning of. hubby left the "something" opened on the big green egg... which made the temp like over 500 degrees-- so the brisket was pretty much an asteroid by the time he took it off of there. plus the rub he used on it was like "set your tongue on fire hottt." well , he left it on the counter overnight--- eevee pulled it off the counter--- and ate it. surely at the speed of sound so she wouldn't get caught. she prolly had no idea how hot that meat was til it gone--by then it was was too late. :)) YUM. she was also kind enough to share with sushi, and left a chunk on the floor. so for the last two days and nights we have been dealin with the doggie trots. LOL. eevee, has gone inside the cabin a few times... luckily hubby claims her as his i didn't have to clean that up. sushi has had the same problem. but she goes outside--- good girl. :))
poor babies prolly need some tucks or preparation H. but i think the worst is over. anyhow. if not--- i only have sushi to deal with.

so, here i am, out in the sticks-- no phone, no internet, no family, --- just lil ole me, and lil ole shitzi.
whatever will we do with ourselves for two entire days?

it was like pullin teeth to get soulkid to leave her camera here with me. i couldn't find mine when we left the house ... so i figured i could at least take pictures to entertain myself. man, she had a spazz fit. but she left it. -- wow i just got the weirdest feelin of de ja vu when i wrote that. (and the chills go up my spine) weird.

it really is nice out here tho guys, and i will get some pics today--- if it doesn't rain.
i'm supposed to do pix of "metal" for the photo challenge. i passed all kindsa cool stuff that if i woulda had my camera in the car i coulda got pix of drivin out here.
it's real country-fied out out here -- i woulda been a picture takin fool.

a lot of you know how i get lost all the time-- so my only fear of goin back that way today , alone for pix, is getin lost and not findin my way back. ugh. but if i can muster the mojo to risk it i just may do that. but hell-- i get lost with my GPS. ugh. who does that??? only ME i reckon.

but there's old barns, old tin roofs, old metal tractors, rusty rusty rusty horse trailers; i don't know what all i saw - but i would be thinkin -- ooooh that'd be a cool pic. but it was only a missed photo op without my camera. leave it to me and my senile.

then both nights we've been here, so far i have seen two raccoons - without a camera. and of course ducks, and birds, and a hawk. not to mention just the scenery. last night hubby let the girls drive my car-- i couldn't handle the stress of it--so i didn't go with them. but they saw a "herd?" of deer--- right where we had been fishing half an hour earlier. did they take pix? ummmm NO. fuddy duddys.

well, i guess that's enough for now. i'm sure i'll be writin more later. about what? i have no clue. but i'll surely think of something.

i wonder if this havin to stay out here alone is my test-- or perhaps punishment-- for always sayin i wanna run away-- or live alone??? here's my opportunity to see how much i would like or hate it. ya sure can't get much more alone than this.


4/27/2009 6:43:57


8:31:51 PM

i have no clue why i'm writing in caps, but i aint changin it now. anyhow, there were thunderstorm and tornado warnings all day long. so i don't guess you have to wonder if i went anywhere or did anything today. cuz i didn't. i packed some stuff. i walked sushi a few times. i took a few pictures--- of sushi. played solitaire on the computer, and i took a long nap. i ate--- cereal, and fruit. ooooh how healthy-- and fattening. there was stuff here i coulda cooked, but why bother when it was just me right?

so anyhow, after i saw the news , and the weather---and found out from hubby that the freakin tests at school aren't only two days--- but tuesday thru friday--- i decided to go home tomorrow. whattabunchacrap.
i shoulda followed my gut and called it off at first when i heard they were testing in the first place. now hubby and soulkid are home already-- and i'm out here-- with a bunch of crap to pack and haul home, including like 15 rods and reels that prolly aren't even gonna fit in my car. it's gonna be real fun figurin that out. UGH.

it was a relaxing day kinda, regardless. but i couldn't not think about how everything got so messed up. if the weather wasn't so bad today i may have just gone home today. hopefully it won't be this bad tomorrow.

wednesday is my birthday. not that it means much anymore--but really-- i don't want to spend it driving--or out here alone. ugh.
this kinda shit really only happens to me... i'm tellin ya.
if i got paid for every time somethin got screwed up-- at the last second i'd be rich. i swear, it happens all the time.

well.. i guess i just needed to vent.
i'll be back.


griswolds family vacation
final fourth day
4/28/2009/ 9:06:41 AM

ola peoples--- happy tuesday to ya. whaddup?
here? packin. well, actually i'm drinkin coffee and takin a break. (from packin).
i'm tiahd too. i couldn't sleep last night. i kinda expected that to happen. hubby used to be the one who couldn't sleep when i was gone somewhere... now it's me. i reckon i'm gettin a bit more needy in my old age??

somethin that i couldn't get out out of my head last night/ or yesterday/ whatever? i kept thinkin... " what if i have a seizure out here all by myself?"... what if i have another embolism, and no one knows it?"... i don't worry so much about the bad guy like my sis does. she's afraid of someone breaking in and hurtin her...or killin her. she has this "bad guy with a knife thing". but i guess she spends a lot more time alone than me --- and she is also in better health than i am. so that's about the only fear she could have bein alone. hell, i don't know.

anyhow. i didn't get to sleep til like two a.m. - and i woke up at 6. i didn't even finish one cup of coffee before i was packin. i couldn't really just sit still, i just wanted to get outta here. last night when i couldn't get to sleep i kept thinkin.. "if i could drive at night i'd just go home now. but-- not really a good a good idea-- it sucked.
but anyhow, i'd prolly be on the road already this mornin, but i still have to pack all the crap soulkid left--and and clean up her mess. i'm havin a hard time motivating myself to face that task. she has crap everywhere. her room is a loft-- and it is just a mess. if she woulda took it all home, all i'd have to do is load my crap and go. i'm packed. i i finally figured out what to do with the rods and reels-- well ok-- hubby did-- he said to take the reels the reels off -- wrap the rods together, put the reels in a box..and voila-- they should fit-- and guess what? they did. i don't think i woulda thought of that. he's a pretty handy dude dude to have around sond sometimes. i did have to leave my ice chest tho-- no room for it. but i had a "cold bag" that the rest of the fridge food and ice fit in, so that worked out ok.
but ugh. the kids' room i really hate cleanin up after capable people. i know, she thought she was comin back... but even so-- it should have been like that. y'all know-- i'm one of those types who cleans before the maid comes.

anyhow, hubby called a while ago. he said dallas/ fort worth weather is lookin rather crappy. foggy etc. it looks nice here. sunny, warm. i'd be fishin if i wasn't goin home.

home. that sounds pretty good right about now. the drive doesn't. my back hurts, and is on fire. i'm sure it will be worse after i haul and load all this shit to the car. but i'm ready to go.

they say "home is where ya hang your hat". well, ya know what? my hat has been hangin here for four days--- and it just aint home.
so i reckon "home is where your family is"
as much as i bitch and moan about them... i think i would be lost without them. they are my heart, mind, body and soul. every thing i do - i do for them. every thing i think is for or about them. every plan i make involves them. it's always been that way.

i love them.
so i spose i better finish packin and go "home" and see them. ya reckon?

ps-- i miss y'all too.
so-- i shall be talkin to y'all soon too.

hope you all are happy in your worlds today!
i will be , as soon as i walk into my messy house :))


welp--- i obviously am home-- and alive-- and in pain.
and i am right where i belong.
i missed y'all.

and i am soooo glad i didn't have to hand-write this like the first time. my hand hurt for days! :))