Monday, March 26, 2007

It's An Old Lady Day For Sure

i could just scream right now. i just wrote a very lengthy, and for once in quite sometime, a quite humorous blog entry... ONLY to LOSE it before i saved it !!! oh how frustrating is that!
i will never be able to reproduce the post i lost. you would have enjoyed it. i didn't even get to read it back to myself...i wrote the final word, then *POOF* it was gone. what a drag.

well anyhow... i will attempt to get it online this time.
see what lack of sleep does to a person? it's 10:45 in the morning and i already need a nap!

so anyways. hubby and i did actually get out yesterday. daughter didn't want to be seen with the humiliating "parents" she stayed home. but, we weren't going to let her stop us from getting out for a while. so, we went to the movies, and got some grub. we ate at R.J. Gators. we had never eaten there was pretty good, and not too expensive either, for seafood.

after that we went and saw.. "Premonition". for some, it may be a pretty good movie. for me, well it was just ok. actually, for me, it was downright Disturbing. if i would have known the depth of the content , i wouldn't have seen it. at least not at this point in time. i guess it's an alright movie...for those who don't have "issues". but it just bothered me at points. hubby, had a problem with a bit of it too... due to MY "issues". poor guy. he wanted to go see Shooter... i wish we would have now!

OMG... my damn min pin is trying to have sex with my cat !!! and they are both FEMALE. that is just wrong. sick....and...wrong.

so anyhow, after the movie, we took a trip to hell. er, i mean wal mart. i hate that place ! i swear, every time i go there i have heart palpitations ! but, i guess this time wasn't so bad, cuz hubby was there too. for some reason, it's doesn't seem THAT bad when he is with me. but that is a rare occasion.

after wally hell, we went to blockbuster. we didn't really want to go there either, but i had a late movie, and had to go. so we just went in, grabbed a couple new movies...which we didn't watch, and i don't even remember what they are right now... but hey, i didn't get charged the late fee i owed ! so that was good.

so anyhow, we FINALLY got home. by this time, i was "plum give out".. as my aunt says. i really was. my back was locked up...and was this morning...and even more so now. so last night i just collapsed on the couch and vegitated in front of the tv, until the apprentice was over, then i went to bed. i was hoping for a good nights sleep...but of didn't happen. i layed there, and layed there...forever it seemed. the never ending insomnia. and of course, was up at the crack of black this morning. gotta love it. man, if i ever sleep til 6:30 or 7:00 i consider it to be a gift from God! but ... it's been a while since i've slept that "late". ugh.

well, hubby is off work today...and daughter is at school...hubby drove her for me today...woo hoo...then he went on a short fishing excursion around a small pond near our house. well... for the last few days, we have been planning on having a ... well, a "date" today, if ya know what i mean. well... i guess what they say is true... it really is "a drag getting old". first it started with me waking up with my back in knots...and only worsening with every moment...not to mention my dire need of some sleep. but..... hubby called a while ago, to inform me that he was on his way home.... his voice sounded strange, so i said, you don't sound good.... he said.... "I fell down, and hurt my shoulder; trying to save my fishing rod!!"

good Lord! can you believe that? well... hubby is a pretty big guy, and you know what they say... the bigger they are, the harder they fall....well...i've seen him fall before, and he does fall HARD. so i ran him a bath to soak in, and began to post my blog. what a life eh? we finally both have a free day together, and now we are both too self absorbed in our pain to even want to have our "date". LOL. but hey... just like the guy who falls without spilling a drop of his beer... hubby saved the fishing rod !!!! and i guess in so doing... i might get my nap!