Friday, December 18, 2009

winter break - vs. - Christmas vacation? WTH

hiya peeps-- how goes it?

here? well, i was just sittin here, doin my morning ritual of the ole "smoke-n-choke". when it occurred to me, that today is the last day of school before "Christmas vacation". that's what it has been to me all of my life, and i imagine that is what i will always call it. of course-- our delightful spirit filled government-- hence, the public school system -- has over the years, come to prefer the term "winter break".

well. howdaya like them apples?
personally? i don't like it at all.
i don't like what this country has been doing, or is doing to 'our kids' for the last prolly 20 years, as a matter of fact.
they say 'this is a democracy'. here in the good ole US of A.
well, correct me if i'm wrong: but i don't remember any votes to remove God or prayer or patriotism from school... or even the word Christmas!

-- but , well, bad me--- i really haven't , and don't really keep up on politics too much. i'm gettin a little better, but that didn't really even begin until Bush (JR) was elected. so yeh, i feel a little guilty to sit and bitch.
but ya know what else?
i also feel that my time in the military -- and the part of 'me' that i gave them, physically, emotionally, and even mentally-- that i won't get back-- plus the pride and patriotism that i gave willingly and still feel.. is worth something. a partial right to bitch? if nothin else.
so. allow me to continue.

winter break?
what kinda shit is that?

winter program?
why have a Christmas program -- if they won't let the word Christ-mas -- even be used in it?

and patriotism... kids these days-- they have NONE. they mumble through the pledge of allegiance-- only because they're told to all their life. they don't even know why they do it. or what it means. to them, or anyone else.

you are prolly wonderin where the hell this little rant even came from aren't ya?
well, i'll tell ya.

i told y'all that soulkid and i had some business to take care of yesterday- right?
well... part of that was - to go to the reserve base out here, and get ID cards-- afterwards -- to go to the commissary, and the exchange-BX for those of you who know it as that.
(well, just so ya know-- i didn't even know until a couple weeks ago that i , as a disabled vet had these rights to use these services... i have to tell ya i was thrilled-- you wouldn't believe the money we saved at the stores over there. i feel blessed- that's for sure.
anyhow-- back to my story.
soulkid FINALLY - after literally years, of trying to get her to understand what the military is all about, and what these people do, and sacrifice for her- and this country--- she FINALLY saw it in action, and she felt the pride i have been trying to get her to just feel a tiny bit of, for years.
the soldier that did our ID cards was a marine. she kept saying yeh, when he would ask her questions. finally i began correcting her-- i said 'yes' would be the answer. he wasn't an officer, so i didn't expect her to call him 'sir', but she added that on her own.
later-- i told her-- cuz she kept forgetting-- saying yeh, etc, i said -- he's probably been in combat, just to keep YOU safe"
he said "i have"
he was a young man, maybe not quite thirty.
you could see her pride for him just in her body language. she sat up taller, not one more yeh, and she thanked him.

after we got our id cards we drove onto the base, she saw barracks, and airplanes and helicopters etc... both me and her dad were in aviation while on active duty. she asked me to point out which planes and helos we worked on.

she never ever showed interest- or asked questions before yesterday.
i was proud of her to finally take notice of what our service men and women actually do-- and to be interested enough to ask questions about their lifestyle-- here-- and "over there"

as far as school goes--- they don't teach these kids to love God or their country-- and that is a terrible shame. it's sad even.

soulkid texted a male friend of hers while we ate lunch on the base-- talking of things she was excited about...
his response?
"i would rather work at mcdonalds , than be a marine.'

i told her-- tell him i am bursting with pride over his patriotism.
sarcastically of course.

i don't know if that makes sense or not-- i think i'm just rambling.. it's gettin late and i gotta get the kid to school in a few-

just needed to rant a little on how much is being forgotton, just because of 'church and state" bs.

our kids are actually hungry to know God, and Patriotism...
without it in our schools, it is up to us as parents to guide them.
don't forget-- they are our future.
our high school kids now?
our confused about God, non trusting in our government- not understanding patriotism, kids--
if they don't learn to understand now-- and really feel it in their lives?

this whole world is gonna go straight to hell quicker than we even think it is goin now.

so-- on that happy note-
i have to go-

happy fridayyyyyy peoples