Monday, February 11, 2008

monday again - i know that excites you all

once again i got nuthin.
i think i burnt myself out just answering comments below.

i did realize though, that part of yesterdays oddness.. was that i had posted that i woke up at five a.m.-- but when i made a second trip around thru some blogs-- i noticed i posted on one page at like 4:01 a.m. i was really quite out of it. even more than i thought.
apparently though, it got better throughout the day. i have no clue why i felt the way i did, but it seemed that several others had the same "off" feeling early in the morning. i do wonder what that was all about. or if there was any kind of "connection" , ya know. i don't usually believe in that supernatural hoopla--- but really , there have been times that i have felt the need to call or check on someone.. and it turned out that something was going on with them. that is really strange, i think. but so far-- i haven't heard that anyone who admitted to having "that feeling" yesterday.. had anything really significant happen. yet.

anyways. i don't have anything great to report here. any updates on the mall hell journey are in the below comments-- as are the soul-hub tourney results.

and other than those two events of the day-- nothing else happened here in soul land yesterday.

i am almost finished with my book. i would have finished it.. but didn't devote as much time as i would have like to to it. i have about two hours left on it.
gotta admit-- it keeps your attention-- most of the time-- but i don't think i would recommend it. (way too "floaty") know what i mean? one of those ones that talks in one year-- then in the next paragraph your twenty years ahead-- then back to where you were in a few minutes. my attention span has a tough time with books like that.
but anyhow-- i'll be done with it today.
and yes-- i'm sure you noticed-- i didn't exaggerate when i said i was a slow reader. :((
most people i know can read an entire book in one afternoon. i think i may have done that once-- or twice. in my whole life. flowers in the attic by VC andrews was one of em.

ok.. guess i'm done for now.