Friday, April 17, 2009

i thought i died, but i'm just not that lucky --

man, what a crappy day. from start to finish.. well, almost finish. it's goin on 9, and i'm about to hit the sack. at least to read for a while, til i pass out. ugh. a couple hours ago i was freezin, so i turned on the heat-- now i have my laptop on my lap-- and it's puttin out heat like you wouldn't believe-- i think i may be near well done by now. ugh. i am in my office with the back door open, and i'm still hot. but am still too lazy to go to the back of the house to shut the heat off. i guess one good thing is hubby and the hell cats just got home.. he is gonna turn on the air conditioner for a while. (the hell cats being soulkid and a couple friends who are spendin the night. oooh thrill me.) NOT.

yesterday i saw my neurologist-- he wrote me a rx for my pain meds-- so i wouldn't have to wait til monday to have the pharmacy FAX the refill to his office-- then wait one to three days for the refill-- while i was already on the verge of out. i was pretty happy about about that. i dropped it off to be filled today. and ya know-- it's cuz i'm i'm ME, but when i went to pick it up -- they told me he had failed to sign it !!! so they couldn't fill it til they talked to him..or the office. i called back like three hours later-- to see if they talked to him... ummmm, NO. by then the office was closed --- for the weekend! i'm so pissed. i know it's just a couple days-- but this shit just chaps my hide. my back is really hurtin lately , and he knows it-- how the hell could he forget to sign a friggin script?
well, at least i have muscle relaxers. better than nuthin.

we also had rain and storms off and on allll day long. that was real fun. i had stuff i had to go out and do. i had stuff to do here too. and i guess i don't have to tell ya-- not much of any of it actually got done. not chores, laundry, bills, shopping... none of it. and you already know my rx's didn't getr picked up. i had another one to be picked up at another pharmacy-- but i said screw it. now with my luck..i'll get a migraine in the middle of the night. it was imitrex-- but by then i was just ruined, so didn't go back out.

but , one thing about payday? soulkid keeps track! and i'm a sucker--- so when i picked her up after school... well, i thought i was doing hubby a favor... cuz he had promised her he would take her to the mall for a shirt tomorrow. soooo, when she asked ME to take her---- i said i would. just so he wouldn't have to on his day off. thinkin i was bein nice-- kinda to both of them. well, we get there-- we get her shirt--- ugh. kids are expensive. but it was a cute shirt. but-- she talks me into three other stores--- even after io told her i wasn't walkin all over the place. ugh. but at least i didn't buy anything else. phew-- that was a first. until--- she wanted to eat---- dum-dum-dum. damn she's good. so i did take her to eat. it wasn't to bad. a place we go sometimes. it's usually pretty good. but today---it was crap! and so was the waitress! and we only had salad and split a appetizer plate-- well half of one... we took the other half home-- cuz the waitress didn't bring the ranch dressing, or extra drinks we asked for--- our mouths were kinda pasted shut by then. i was surprised we got the to-go box! ugh. do you even have to ask if i was a hateful bitch by the time we left? i say no. cuz i was. and i was ready for a pain pill, that i couldn't have when i got to the pharmacy! but i was happy to have a few left at home.
incompetance just kills me. ya know it?

soooo--- speaking of incompetance-- i don't think i have mentioned that we may have found a house to buy!! just in time for our move out of this place. BUT -- we both have credit screw ups on our reports. most of the ones on mine are errors. more incompetance. dammit. i have like six collections on there--- and at least four of them are PAID. like three years ago. it just urks me to no end. the other prob on mine is income to debt crap. but i may be able to take care of some of that.
as for hubby-- hmmm... his needs more pay-off crap than mine... but he has less collections. his deal is when we felt rich a couple years ago and haD good credit-- he opened new cards. brilliant huh.
anyhow-- it's a cool place-- and it's runnin like 30 grand lower than it's worth. so we need to boogie and get some stuff taken care of. and see what we can do. before june 30th.
that's a lot of payin and savin and callin and signin... etc. haelp?
i don't know nuthin bout birthin no houses and credit and shit,.

anyhow-- i think that's my day. you wish you were me don't ya?\
i'm still fat and i think i willl go eat some cereal or a salad anyhow. then i'm gonna go read my book.

i shall be around tomorrow---sometime---

happy weekends peoples-