Friday, November 6, 2009

my eye is twitching !!!!!

ugh-- happy friday?

there's a link to some pretty updated news on this asshat.

well. no need to wonder what i'm gonna bitch about in this post, but i'll tell ya -- it sure aint about my idiot problems today.

surely by now, y'all have heard about what happened yesterday at Ft. Hood Army Base?
i am still in shock. from what i have heard so far? this entire thing could have been avoided. so much could be different. this maniac had a legal and military right to get out of the military as a conscientious objector .

that was my FIRST thought. 'if he was so against, or afraid, or whatever, about his upcoming deployment -- surely at his rank, he would know of the above option?
he was a F'N major in the ARMY !! even I knew about that and i left the service after 8 years. but i actually knew a 'kid' overseas when the first Gulf War started. he was bright enough to use the C.O. option to get out of the service, rather than to go into combat -- for whatever his ' personal reasons' were. but even a young 18 or 19 year old, knew he had a right to not be sent to combat in a war he was not willing to fight in.-- or be a part of. he was honorably discharged. no one had to die-- or crack up -- over his own decision, to be anti-war.

OMG. i'm furious. the more i hear about this 'Major Asshole' - i realize how much 'evidence' there was -- even in his military record, and evals -- not to mention his friggin suicide bomber ideals on his own blog pages-- SIX months ago!!
holy hell. what does it take for the upper echelon to SEE what is goin on in a sick mans mind??? he didn't try to hide it AT ALL.

i don't know peeps. but even on my worst day around here in soulland, i can't say i would ever trade places with any one of those folks yesterday. it helped me open my eyes and realize, once again... life aint so bad, when ya think about other folks , and especially our military right now. every single day-- we lose military -- here, and over there... just think of their friends, family, children, and comrades -- every day.

and this??? all because of some puss who was afraid to be deployed ? it could have been prevented. i hope "they" learn from this. if 'they' don't already do a psyche eval before deployment-- i really think they need to start .

pass the xanax please.

have happy fridays peeps-

and don't miss out on the little things :))