Thursday, October 29, 2009

from colon to eye ball - woo hoo !!

howdy my friends,

how are y'all on this fine fine october day? this october that is almost over-- i might add. that's the part i like best, you know. only a few days and october is behind me for exactly 12 more months. crap-- or is it 11 months? i aint doin math right now. i'll figure it out later. the point is -- one of my most hated months of the year - is over. at least as far as i'm concerned it's over. all the 'bad' days are behind me.

haha "behind me" ... funny i titled this post with the dreaded medical procedures in mind -- and -- i said 'behind me' at least a couple a times, without really thinkin about it. that's sort of a Freudian slip , aint it?

so anyhow -- i woke up entirely way too early this morning, but i couldn't help it really. it was all over but the cryin for the most part anyways. i kept wakin up-- and tryin to go back to sleep from about 230 a.m. on.
but around 3 ish -- here comes sushi jumpin on the bed-- all burrowing her head under my chin. i was kinda half awake anyhow-- so i say -- in a whisper - cuz i didn't wanna wake up soulman, i say -- sushi, you wanna go outside? -- she went all nutcase on me. so apparently that was a resounding YES!

i had to get up then to put her out, so i put eevee out too. and just stayed up. my back of course was killing me -- which was why i couldn't sleep to begin with. so anyhow... i been up most of the time since around 230 or 3. i already know that i will pay for that later. or someone else will. :))

so -- i see that i keep gettin distracted -- 'from colon to eyeball' --- you do know where i'm goin with that right? the upcoming colonoscopy and endoscopy. which was, and has been scheduled for november 9th. it really takes -- at least for me -- prolly more mental prep than physical. i mean that part is no fun at all either -- but i really have to get my mind ready for all of that -- like the whole ball-o-wax "that".
and i have never had both done at the same time --- nor have i been under full anesthesia for this before.
i have only been 'all the way under' two times.... the first time , i was non stop pukin for about nine hours. the second, my BP dropped and the nurse freaked out.. til i reminded her of the addisons. ugh. it took me a minute of freakin out with her -- but when i remembered -- all was ok, they just watched me for a while longer til it went back up.
so anyhow-- yep-- there i was all 'ready' to go.. had my calendar marked to not make plans , etc... cuz well it'll be a 2 day prep for me , cuz i am one of the lucky ones who , well, nevermind, i just need a little extra help.
so-- i get a call -- yesterday-- the gastro 'lady' - tells me they can't get the anesthesiologist out here -- in podunk -- on my scheduled day -- so i have to re-schedule to the following week. woo - hoo. so much for my mindset-- now i have to start all over :((
BUT-- on the bright side? there's like three movies comin out the weekend of the 6th-
that i was a bit bummed out (hha- there i go again) abouut not gettin to see-- now i will be able to. so anyhow. that's that. (well , that part)

do y'all wanna hear more on the cat barf comforter? you know i'll tell ya anyhow-- so just agree -- or go-- i'll miss you if you leave, but i won't hold ya hostage. :(( ok--- well, first of all.. i did attempt-- intensely -- to clean the adult ass sized cat puke stain from my comforter. it didn't help. ever since i've discovered the miracle of peroxide -- this is the first time it has failed me. but -- it is also the first time that i have had such a stain -- on white. linen. ugh. so. peroxide fail.

later-- i figured i'd drop it off at the dry cleaners today -- because well, yet again-- i canceled my outside errands yesterday-- and worked on my office, bills and stuff like that here. just didn't feel like runnin around town.

so. the day rolls on. and on. gosh it was a long day.
anyhow-- i finally go to bed. early for me.. well.. regular time for me actually -- but i bet early for most of you-- but i go to bed.. and WHAT do you think is the first thing i see???? OMG! you're right! but this time-- it took some investigation. i called soulman in there-- i thought it came from the other end to be honest. it really -- to be honest-- looked like little sushi nuggets. we both decided , no-- it had no smell for one thing-- and for two-- it just was too similar-- in ways to the other -- puke-- we've been dealing with-- since bowl one of this particular bag of cat food -- which don't even bother asking -- my cats will be eating no more of. i will let the strays have it.
anyhow-- yep-- my morning and evening delights. i am sickened. soulman cleaned that one up-- but again. peroxide failed us --- is it the material of the comforter? or just the nuclear cat barf?? i am ill over it.

but i don't spose i need to say that i didn't get the new duvet cover yesterday. or did i already say that? oh hell. i don't even know anymore. but i didn't get one. i need to get one. and like brad said -- yup-- i just may go with goth black. ahhh-- maybe green, will match the puke stains nicely?

bleh. double bleh.

ya know-- i had somethin else to tell y'all-- but this is just too long and boring already -- so i'll save it for tomorrow.

it's almost the weekend -
happy days to you all in your worlds --