Saturday, November 8, 2008

howdy folks----
sorry i'm late gettin this up today. i meant to update it last night-- just didn't get around to it. that seems to be becoming a habit-- and a bad one-- i am sorry.

first of all
MARY-- this is your personal ScOULding-- why would i not read somethin you write here? don't even go there. i read everything people leave me... even sassy ole southern gals with flared feathahs :))

so anyhow-- here's the scoop-- so far-- hopefully this will answer any comments and questions etc-- from yesterday.

thanks to all who left advice , suggestions etc. ya know-- i had just asked soulman if he knew of a university hospital here and how it would work if i tried to seek "help" there. but like me-- he doesn't know how that works. but it has crossed my mind-- cuz i really would be a great lab rat for someone who wanted to learn about a lot of different "things" with one body. i'm a walking textbook, ya know.
just not with any answers.

but anyhow-- for now, i think i'm ok. i have shot a couple doctors off the fence post on this recent journey though-- and soul-hubby says i should also fire my GP doc. i haven't been very happy with her all along anyhow, and actually did fire her once before--but my replacement moved away so i ended up goin back to her--- i don't like change-- just in case y'all haven't noticed. :))
i'm not certain how she pissed him off-- but she sure has shown me what an inconsiderate, condescending, unconcerned, asshat--she can be.
sooooo--- she is next--- right along with my endo doc-- who is also--- uninformed, uneducated, and noncaring of the patient.

and-- just in case i never posted it-or as a reminder-- i fired my gastro dr a few weeks ago.

see why i need a dr House?


i can't even keep track anymore--- but all have been replaced once already-- now i'm on my search for a new line of defense :))
cept so far-- i think i shall keep the neuro doc i have--- til further notice. he is already a replacement. the one before him? ugh. hubby diagnosed my problem there-- the dr caused more harm than good. so he was gone after about 2 months. he nearly killed me-- for real.

ok so anyways-- lost track-- again--

back to yesterday:

i did manage to drive myself-- safely-- or at least without incident-- to and from the neuro doc--- who seemed-- i believe sincerely-- call me naive :)) -- concerned, both about the embolism and recovery-- plus my current-- and so far mystery pain.
he did-- thank the Lord-- refill my pain meds. same ones he always gives me-- i guess he was waiting to see me this last couple of days-- but i was gettin upset that i was in pain and almost out of meds. but that was no problem, once he saw me.
then he sent me for x-rays. like a series of 6 or 7 of em. that wasn't very fun. just so ya know.
and even with my GPS i had a hard time findin the damn place-- ugh. i should just give up driving. i don't deserve a license :))

well.. the tech girl was nice there-- and gentle too. most of those people don't care-- they just want to finish, so they don't care if they hurt you. she was nice, and when the pix were done i noseyd my way over there to look at one.
i know they (techs) can't answer questions or give you a diagnosis-- but i asked anyhow-- if she could see anything "wrong".
almost at the same time--- we noticed something similar to this--- and she pointed it out-- just as i said "that does not look good"
this is NOT MY xray

BUT, ya see that "scoop"?
on the upper arm there?
my xray had a "thing" similar to that.

now-- she of course isn't a radiologist-- and didn't tell me what she even thought it to be. but i have never seen anything like that before. of course, i have spent the first many hours of this morning searching google for what it might or could be--- and y'all don't even wanna know what i come up with. but the good news is--- the type and location of "my" pain.. isn't quite what or where it would be if it did happen to be this problem.
except for a "open humeral shaft fracture" which could also involve nerve damage--or pain.. maybe not permanent.

but... is that not odd??? a hole or scoop , dip-- whatever in your dang arm???

i did let her know to make a note that i do have "osteopenia"-- so, this could be simply bone deterioration??? who knows??? hopefully i will know SOON.
my follow up with neuro-- is on tuesday. for some reason i thought it was like a week away but it is tuesday about noonish. so i shall let y'all know if it is anything important. kinda looks important huh?

oh ya.. i wanted to say to AC--and SMOCHA TOO
tolerance is surely part of my prob with the meds-not only a build up tolerance-- but i just am that way-- with every kind of med-- even anti-d's---
- and with that goes the fear of OD, and not taking -- or getting what i prolly should.
and to AC-- you are correct. i have heard that before-- and also personal experience tells me--
"people in or with chronic pain, who take narcotics,--- rarely , if ever become addicted.... "
there are many reasons for that and one is-- like she said-- if it does merely relieves the pain.

so anyhow-- i spose this is as good as it gets for me right now. i am in pain.. but not not in bed. i actually watched some tv with hubby last night-- for the first time in weeks. i haven't cried, today-or yesterday from the pain. or at all actually. which is very good. in fact i actually laughed a little-- which is new-- for recent weeks.
food tasted good last night.
i bought a sling for my arm.. i didn't sleep all day-- hubby got me "tiger balm".. and says it like a " chinese sports announcer" :)) which makes me smile...

i don't know--- that's about all i can come up with for now.
looks like i'm gettin a bit better--- but may have some kind of broken arm--- or bone cancer --- BAH!!!! i hate google. :))

dr. google?

guess i'm done for now.
i'm gonna go eat my left-over chipotle , then i shall make some rounds. who i don't see now-- i will see later--

hope you all are havin happy days in your worlds today!