Friday, June 19, 2009

ok i admit it , i'm a slacker

normally i don't go this long without posting unless i'm without internet-- or something is wrong. well, rest assured, nothing is wrong. i have just been busy-- and recovering. i have been sore as hell since cleaning out the garage. i just cannot imagine what i might feel like had i had to do that alone. thank God for angie . i have everyday pain anyhow-- but i swear-- this has been extra bad-- and i am so NOT looking forward to packing and moving this house-- which is a three bedroom-- but the size - with the furniture-- of a four bedroom , due to my office. ugh. the thought alone scares me.

anyhow-- moving on to bigger and better things ;))
guess who won the 'biggest loser contest' at work? you guessed huh? pretty easy since i don't have a job eh? yep, soulman wON!!! wo hoo ! but i betchya can't guess how much he lost? the contest lasted about three months--- he lost --- dah dah dah---
fifty one pounds !!!!!!! as in 51 !!!!! in three months. that is just insane. we are so proud of him. he is still shootin for another thirty pounds on his own. i'm sure he can do it. that would put him not much over what he was when we met.. but ya gotta give a guy some lee-way for age, and the ole marriage excuse right? regardless, i am amazed at the effort he put into this whole thing. he feels so much better, and looks really good. once i get a new pic of him, i shall put before and afters up-- you too will be amazed.

as for me--- i'm still totin the extra 20 pounds from nowhere. can't lose an ounce. i'll weigh one day and think i lost 5 pounds-- 2 or 3 days later i weigh again.. and voila-- it's baaaack. maybe forever. dammit.

about the house hunting, i think it's over-- we are putting in an offer on one today after hubby gets home from work. it's a nice house. pix will come when i get a chance. the price is right-- we like it-- i have my doubts about the stairs.. but i can deal with them for a while i'm sure.

well, i think that's about all the updating i can think of for now-- i got thangs to do before i get my child.
i'll be back.
question is-- will you be here?
or has facebook killed blogland?
anyhow-- have happy fridays...