Monday, April 6, 2009

i'd rather be fishin -- dammit //// (UPDATED)

howdy folks--

yes, i would much rather be goin fishin than where i'm goin soon.
i have to go have yet another friggin MRI. i just don't get it-- i practically begged for an MRI for years, and now it seems i am having one -- or some other type of scan, or xray- or some crap -- every other week.

but hell. at least i'm being taken seriously now,. but i don't wanna go. anywhere actually.

the wind is screamin outside and it's not even 40 degrees. definitely MY hibernation weather. but oh well.

maybe they'll find the real problem this time. i'm beginning to think they just want my damn money. ugh.

the scan will be of my neck and scap areas. ugh. where it shoulda been months ago. they kept doin the shoulder..bones. sheeeeat. so anyhow-- no time for jibber jabber-- i must go get my glow on.

happy monday :))
i think that's an oxy moron...isn't it?

240 pm

hello again--- i'm baaaaack. i feel fat btw. i have gained so much weight lately. omg i feel like a whale. i'm sure the apple, and 2 bowls of cereal didn't help any-- but i was hungray! now i'm tired. i think i may just take a nap.

in answer to your question joz--- the new sleep med seems to work pretty well--- so far. i think i've only taken it two- or three times? but i sleep til 7-- i slept til almost 8 this mornin. so that's a good thing there. sorta. until i miss an appointment cuz i don't wake up. :))

on the other hand--- the ortho doc apparently already got the MRI report-- even though i still have the scans with me. some woman called to schedule me for the shots in my neck... apparently called -- somethin like a cervical epidural steroid injections. (which i will be lucky enough to be sedated for.

(3 appointments.--Lord i hope it helps. it's basically a nerve block. something i don't know why hasn't been tried before. but i'm game now.

i knew the neuro doc was missin somethin. i like him ok, but i think he shoulda caught this.
the new diagnosis?

Cervical Radiculopathy

i don't know if that means the diagnosis he did give me has changed---or if there are two diagnoses now.... but he had diagnosed me a while back with :

cervical dystonia too.

so. what does all this mean?

it means i am in pain. and now-- "they believe me."

so--- also to answer your question -- donna--- nope no surgery yet-- but it may be an option. if nothin else works.

anyhow-- that oughtta do it-- so - i'm gonna go lay my lard ass down for a while-- hope y'all are havin good days-
mine's just "glowin" :))