Saturday, April 5, 2008

satahday sumthins

i'm still here-
i just have nuthin to say-
hard to believe i know-

but it's true.

i've tried,
but i got nuthin!

i thought of fishin-
but then second guessed my luck lately.

thought of cruisin too--
but didn't get too far-

i cleaned house-
took naps-
went to the mall-
OH YES i did-
watched a movie-
"the kite runner- (wasn't bad)
(this is over two days)
and today- i actually slept til 730 a.m !
WTH ??

and- sushi-
is buggin the crap out of me-

along with eevee-
her too-
she is liking me now-
and all kindsa up in my face
wantin to play-

and of course--
i'm frickin stahvin !

and my fridge-
looks like THIS-

(WORSE- actually- and i haven't been shopping yet- :(( )


i did find some left-over fried chicken from last night !
woo hoo-
it's in the oven now-
nuthin worse than nuked fried chicken

so- anyhow-
i feel like an ass for not blogging for so long
and not visiting or talkin to everyone like i should-
but i'll be back soon

do you still love me????