Monday, April 23, 2012

so, a funny thing happened - - -

howdy peeps!  yep i still live and breathe.  don't be offended by my absence - it is certainly nothing personal.  against anybody.  there are a few - very few - again, don't be offended - that may actually have some inkling of why i haven't "been around ." the rest of you , well, i just haven't got a phone call from i reckon.  because this - or rather these aren't your regular ole soul happenings that have kept me 'busy.  errr, away lately.  but - it hasn't been all bad -- let's say "it's all good" , - now.
if you've left messages on face book or even here, i only may have seen or replied to them.  i almost never go on face book.  if you see me there it is prolly related to ' words with friends' in some way and maybe i'm not payin attention to much else.  so please don't take it as a personal thing.

i don't really want to go into much detail about my latest 'happening'.  there really was a lot more involved than just one 'thing'.  but it really seems that everything else all started and stopped and began again, with this one 'incident.  and it's difficult to not associate things to or with it as the center of things.

goodness - yes, this is a difficult post to write.  --- i'm trying to remember what my sister calls these posts.  oh yeh ,  "stealth posts.".   when i try not to reveal too much information, but still let ya know kinda what's goin on.  well, obviously, that tactic fails.  epically. 

so.  what am i supposed to do about that little issue?  hmmmm. 

let's just say this much . 

it was a dark and stormy night... it was also March 25th, 2012.  just a few weeks back.  i have to say that out of the many many 'bad days ' that y'all have read on these pages - or heard from me in whatever manner ?  this day, and into the night and early morning - was honestly one of the top five worst bad days of my entire life.  y'all know i have had a shit ton of  bad days too. right?

well.  so much led up to this day,  and what followed was a lot of amend making, a lot of dr appointments, fear of shoulder surgery - relief when i found out i didn't need it :)) - and gradually days got better, and i found out people still loved me :))  phew.  bones heal, but hearts are so very fragile.

the bottom line girls and boys?  i had a hurt heart - i was on an anti depressant that didn't work for me, and i didn't know what was goin on.  for months i was rapidly declining into a pit of hell, and on March 25th, which was my first born (son's) funeral anniversary # 23 , i had a breakdown.  i simply fell apart.  and when something like that happens, on top of bein in 'Addison's crisis, and run down, and tired through and through, the human body just can't handle it all. 

so, i stood up to get out of the bath tub, and when i began to fall down - :)) - this is real peeps - i was ther - i reached for the towel bar -- and yup, you guessed it ... it fell right off the wall , and i went with it !

Face first , i crashed onto the back of the tub !  CRASH !  The next thing i knew soulman - poor soulman, still on a knee scooter, was next to the tub - having no idea what happened to me!  blood coming from my mouth, just having been knocked out for no one knows how long,  BAH! he couldn't put any weight on his leg - he was calling 9-1-1, before i could even begin to realize what had just happened. 

the next thing i knew there were 4-5 EMT's in my bathroom!  ugh... i will be getting a boob job very soon.  nothing in the world could be less flattering lemmee tell ya !

i had a concussion for over two weeks, the ER scanned my head - checking for fractures etc -  i had to get my shoulder/ arm x-rayed then later CT'd - then referred to a surgeon because i couldn't move it at all for two weeks actually longer - more like up until about 5 days ago.  i had to see my dentist for x rays - the ER said i had a dental fracture - the dentist didn't find it- but said my front three - tooth bridge was a little loose - he will check that later down the road. 

it isn't a very good feelin when ya read your medical report weeks away from bein 46 years old to see "fall risk".   not good at all.  nope .  in fact just an hour or two ago, i signed an estimate for grab rails (safety rails)  for my bathrooms! 

wooh it just gets better and better baby!

but seriously --  it does....  doin fine out here-
things are gettin better.  meds are workin, and the devil one that sent me on the downward spiral to hell, is now on my allergy list - that med also caused the addisons crisis-- it is noted on its warning label!!!  how insane is that???  anyone else smell a lawsuit???  too bad i don't do that

anyhow gotta go - almost time for "House" !

happy Monday folks