Friday, February 15, 2008

oh crap---

it's late--for me-- and i am layin here fixin to get off this damn computer--that i almost never take
to bed anymore-- but what do you think i hear? sleet! maybe even hail. know what else-? hubby has my car spot in the garage full of shit-- for some damn "project" he has been "working on" for some friend of his-- for weeks. which means my car-- has been stuck in the driveway--vs. the garage -- for what feels like forever-- which it sort of is-- seein as i have only owned this car for a month. erg.
winter storm warning... ice-- hail-- rain-- SHIT---
yep-- so now here i am, maybe fifteen minutes or less from lala land-- and this happens-- i bet money i dream of my car being destroyed-- and perhaps maybe even a huge bitch attack on soulman for evicting me to the street for a buddy. right-- some buddy. he coulda had this shit done in days-- just so happens.. his heart isn't in it and he just kinda lets it sit out there.
the weather report keeps sounding better nby the day-- but it's still gonna be crap-- and y'all are gonna see one pisssed off "can't have nuthin" soul-- if my car gets messed up.
ok-- i am now officially crosseyed-blind-and half asleep--if not more-- so i must go--
thanks for listening to my crybaby whine for dso long.

g'night folks--
happy dreams--

Valentines Day 2007 - re-visited

ok.. earlier today i found my '07 VDAY post-
to re-post. it was posted over two days, and the first day, was mostly just babble--
so i only kept the last half of that one.
and then the next day.
not much has changed.

VDAY at the Soul-Crib 2007



i forgot to mention it this morning while i was writing, but i got ROSES this morning from my husband !!! and a card. it was really very sweet of him. i, on the other hand, didn't get him as much as a card ! my intentions were good, it just didn't happen. then i intended on getting one today...thinking that he wouldn't give me one until after work...if he gave me one at all...boy, was i surprised ! anyhow... i was going to go get one when i picked my girl up after school, but... a friend of hers ride didn't show up .. yet again... so, somehow, i end up bringing this girl home with us whenever that happens... so i didn't do any of the things i had planned on. the card, the post office, the cell phone place... etc. but.. i figured i would print a card when we got home, and i could catch up on the other stuff tomorrow... well... have you looked online at the soooo verry extremely crappy selection of printable.. and even the email cards they have??? oooh yuk !!! i think i will just get him one tomorrow. he won't mind. hell, we've been married almost 15 years. he knows i love him !

anyhow, it's been a pretty lazy day today, in a way. i did do a bunch of laundry AND i finished ALL my dishes.. EVEN my pots and pans... woo hoo ! i really did not want to do that stuff, but it had to be done. it feels good that i did it. but other than that i think i have become addicted to reading these blogs online. i just sit on here and hunt and read them all day. i've been on here so much the past couple days that my back is just burning and hurting like a MOFO. terrible. AND i have a pretty bad headache to boot. i shouldn't even be on here right now. probably wouldn't be if i wasn't looking for a card...but then that led to reading blogs...then of course i had to see if anyone left me any posts on here.. well, then i had to write...i suppose when i'm done i will get off for the night.

hubby still isn't home from work. i'm starving to death too. i had planned on making spaghetti for dinner...but i just realized... i have NO SAUCE !!! ACK! we will probably end up with micky d's or something. i would splurge and get a steak .. but i do not feel like waiting forever at a restaraunt on V day... OR looking at all the young dressed up lovebirds being all stupid all night while i try to eat.

ok....i reckon i am done with this for now.

hope you all have a nice .. or at least drunk.. .. V-Day (night).


Thursday, February 15, 2007


hmmmm..... i am having a hard time figuring out how to start this post. i have started and stopped like three times already this morning and just draw a blank, so i quit, and figure.. i'll be baaack. then, it occurred to me that i was singing "how much is that doggy in the window"....all morning long ! but , it also occurred to me, i hadn't only had that song in my head today...but yesterday too. why? !!!! i don't even remember hearing it. except in my head. it's never a good song, never a top ten hit that gets stuck there for days. it's always, yellow submarine...or me and julio down by the schoolyard. oh my Lord. even commercial jingles ! i guess those are the worst, because they are usually only like ten words...over and over...and over....for hours. it's enough to drive someone insane.
so anyhow. i have a buncha crap to do today... which really kinda sucks... because it is extremely cold today, and the heater in my car is not working right. i don't know why, but it will blow warm for a while...then cold. isn't that just great? right in the middle of yet another.. "arctic blast". grrrr. i don't know what i really hate more than i hate being cold. i hate washing dishes, i hate doing laundry. i hate cleaning litter boxes...or other miscellaneous pet accidents... but really...being cold is just at the top of the list for me. i would rather be flogged with a ... well, whatever people get flogged with.... than freeze.
ok anyhow. enough of my dread of facing the errands of the day. which the best part...i hope...will be getting my new cell phone...and i hope i don't have to pay for it !
hmmm... oh i know... did anybody else surf around on blogs yesterday? it seems like everyone who has one had something to say about valentines day. and more people than not.... HATE it. single people, married people, people with significant others.... just everyone. it seems that the majority of people feel that V-DAY is a commercialized and ridiculous "holiday", which makes people feel forced to express their love for someone in a new and unique way... every year. and for the single people, well, it's just another reason to feel lonely.
personally, i've been married long enough that yes, it's nice to get a card or whatever... but it's not necessary for me to get diamonds, or fancy gifts, or even an expensive meal or night on the town. even when i was single it didn't mean a whole lot. i really don't think i ever had a date on V-DAY when i was single. my husband and i surely went out or something on one before we got married.... but isn't it terrible that i can't even remember it? do people really remember EVERY valentines day, how they spend it, who they were with??? inquiring minds want to know...
but anyhow, as for us, last night, we ordered be delivered...and would you believe that it took over an hour and a half for it to get here ?? i was sooooo hungry i thought i was gonna faint by the time it got here. i had NO idea that they would be so busy on V DAY. we have ordered from this place several times, and they usually get here in less than thirty minutes. it must be a texas valentines dinner thing. "hey hunnay, let's order us sum barbeque fer our supper tunaught. how's that sound hunnay pie?" LOL. really. it really must be what the old folks do around here so they don't have to wait for a table and watch the young , dressed up lovebirds act stupid, while they try to eat too. haha. (well, at least now we know... note to self... next year... have something to cook on hand for v-day !!!)
anyhow...speaking of food....something i am noticing this passed couple of days.... i have been grazing less..still grazing, just not as much/or as often....but i have been ravenously HUNGRY a lot of the time. i mean i can eat, and feel really full, but then an hour later, i'm extremely hungry again. i fight the urge to eat a lot of the time, but it is weird. i probably shouldn't worry so much about gaining weight...right now...because i am really sort of underweight as it is and a few extra pounds wouldn't hurt , but i just don't want to form a habit of overeating. i have had weight problems in the past, and they are hard to correct. so, now i don't only fight urges to smoke... i have to fight the urge to eat too much too. *SIGH* BUT... today is day TEN without a cigarette.
well, i need to get up and get my stuff done. i have been neglecting a lot of my errands and chores lately. i also need to get some groceries today...which i am not looking forward to. that is something else i hate... wal mart. i almost got in a fistfight once in a wal mart.. oh goodness, that was somethin else. gotta love wally world.
well, maybe i shall write a little more later... maybe not...but, until next time
think of me while you enjoy that next cigarette !


i am starving too !! hubby is getting home late again late dinner again. ahhhh. i don't know why i am so hungry all the time. it's not just wanting to do something's like stomach growling, hunger pain HUNGRY !!!!

anyhow.... i have some rather disturbing news to report.... yes... i have discovered that i am a prude !!!! is that something that comes with age?? or have i always been this way? i do remember that certain topics in conversation would shock me at times, but i consider myself to be a pretty easy goin gal. so, i'm thinking that it is maybe age... or motherhood... i don't know...but yes, i am a prude. a stuffy old lady, if you will. ugh. ok, i'll explain. i already mentioned that i have been spending a lot of time looking at blogs online.... well.... i haven't spent much time online in a long time, other than for business, or research etc. so anyhow... i'll get on a website, and just click "next" or, click on links.. and really have no idea where i'm going to end up. well... at first i came across a few scantily clad women on several sites... for some strange reason, that just didn't really "shock" me. perhaps i expected i would stumble on something like's not like i haven't in the past. BUT.... OMG..... i DID NOT expect to come across blogs... BLOGS.... with pictures... graphic.... ugh.... i just can't put it into words. these are supposed to be diaries, journals... blogs. not ... oh boy... i AM a prude. i just hope my daughter doesn't see this stuff. i really was truly ... for lack of a better word... shocked ! oh, by the way..the pages i speak of..were men !!! very naked, men. doing very naked "things" ! i AM shocked!

ok... i'll move on... i got my new cell phone today...and i did not have to pay for it. woo hoo! and i did make it to the post office box...but, i had NO that was a wasted trip. then i had to get 34 degrees, and WIND...i was sooo cold!!! i didn't go anywhere groceries, or whatever else i was gonna do. i wish i woulda gone to the store now though... i'm hungry!

welp, that's about it for this day. pretty boring. cold, and lazy. sposed to be in the teens tonight...burrrrr. this is texas...what is up with the COLD???

anyhow... y'all stay warm
and oh by the way.... the cig sufferage hasn't been so terrible today. it's gettin bettah !!!!

post valentines day '08

hi peoples--

so- i was just sittin here wondering what i should write-- cuz i am still only on my first cup of coffee, and not about to go around taking pictures of stuff just yet--
so , i think , hmm.. too bad i deleted so many of my posts on here-- i could link back to last Valentines Day, and compare the two. that could be a little interesting actually. even for me, just to see the difference. i remember some of it. i do have it on disc .. perhaps i will drag it out and re-post it later-- with pics of what we got each other this time. yes-- i think i will do that-- so check back later-- like after everyone has left and i have time to do these things. 9 ish maybe TX time.

(*note- i did find this post--
it was actually written over two days,
needless to say- it's a lot of reading-
but i will post it-
later though, maybe dinner-time-ish)

ok so anyhow--

i can at least tell ya about yesterday-- and throw in photos later--along with the reminiscent previous year post. how's that?

V-DAY 2008-- :))

i woke up-- obviously. that is usually a good sign. always good to start the day breathing.

ok.. so , anyhow, i wasn't up for long before soulman got up-- i had got his gift the day before.
which btw-- is something we stopped doing for the most part-- years ago. exchanging gifts, i mean. cards-- most years, not always, but gifts-- nah. just really-- we just aren't that big into this whole Vday thing. we never really have been i don't think. maybe the first few. but we have been married to each other.. pretty close to half our lives--- =[LATE correction; make that a THIRD ]it just doesn't mean a whole lot. the day-- not how we feel. ya know. i think it's a kinda stupid "holiday" actually-- and i actually like the way Gypsy wrote about it yesterday. she had a phew phrases for it that i got a good chuckle out of.

so anyhow----
goo-lawd, i get off track easy--
soulman gets up-- and i already had his gift ready to give him. so i did. he says "yours isn't here yet". that kinda told me what it was .. but i acted dumb.. and moved on to give him his.

(look for photo here later)
photo alert:

rewind even further-- like to 1995... hubby loses his wedding ring-- right off his hand. we were on a trip back from a not so good family situation.. baby soulkid had food poisoning.. she was 2. almost. not good. he never found his ring. lost getting gas..or at a motel on the road somewhere. so he replaced it with a sterling band.. bought at Clines Corners.. a tourist trap travel store off the highway in NM.. some time later.
ever since then (the time he lost it-- i have always wanted to replace it with a nice band-- but we really could never affford to-- any extra money like that, always had to go elsewhere-- or be squandered in a different manner)

SO--- that is what i got him for Valentines day. (obviously) - a new , nice wedding band. he is the type of guy-- and i'm sure there are many-- but i have known many too who aren't this way-- but he never ever ever, takes his wedding ring off. so i gave it to him before work, and he was very happy with it. i told him he could take it back and get fishing stuff if he wanted, but this is what i have wanted to get him .. and he knows that, and he said he loved it.. put it right on, and looked at his hand as if it were full of diamonds. you kinda know a guy loves ya, when he actually loves a ring like that. ya know.
i love my soulman.

(insert hugs and kisses here-- no photos for you!)

then he had to leave for work.

y'all know i was almost out of smokes -- not a good thing-- but i remedied that situation .
i went to the store, after a quick post- but it was before school-- so i picked up some flowers for soulkid--(i already had a card for her)-- i gave them to her-- from both me and soul-dad--before she left. she was happy--- " :))

(look for photo later)

here it is:

(only thing is-- it's the card i gave her,
but the flowers soul-dad sent)

ok... so later.. i'm paying bills and crap-- and someone comes to the door-- a rare thing in soulland-- so-- i go check-- and it was fed-ex. he just left a box at the door and left. so-- i didn't even look at the label.. i assumed it was mine.; hubby told me if anything comes -- to text him. so i do-- i say-- i just got somethin from fed ex-- he said check the card, make sure it's not soulkids.... let's just say i felt a bit of an idiot-- texted him back-- cuz it WAS soulkids!
oh well.

(well.. see flowers above)

so then, i went back to what i was doin.

kind of blank between this time and when people started comin home.
soulman got home early-- maybe 2 ish-- but i was asleep-- i know-- i just can't help myself sometimes. i got cold, and just was gonna cover up and watch tv-- but i fell asleep. :((
so, i woke up about 3.
i walk out to the living room.. and there's soulman , grinnin ear to ear-- the gift bag from the jewelry store that i had given him earlier in the morning sittin on my chair table...
i say-- what's that?? he says.. "your recycled gift bag". i say-- "i see that"... so of course i gotta go scope it out... you won't even believe what he got me... sooooo

(insert photo here)
ready? this is pretty funny-- maybe just to me?
but our gifts are kinda backwards,
if ya look at the traditional gift giving thing.
dontcha think?


it's a fishing reel!
BUT, not just ANY fishing reel.
i have wanted this one for like a year.
it's special made for plastics--
it has a little bar on it,
that when ya click it with your thumb,
it automatically reels only about three to four inches and locks,
how totally awesome is that???
for me-- it is totally cool!


pretty huh?
i will get much more use-- and fun out of this than
a diamond.
sorry ladies-- but that is me.
just so damn easy to please aint i?

then soulkid got home about 340 or so, and we decide to figure out what to do about dinner.. do we wanna go out or cook on the grill. that took no time to decide. soulkid did want to go out-- but we did not. i really have nothing decent to wear out on a day like vday anyhow-- and two-- neither of us care to be around the crowds and waits that vday brings-- nor do we care to watch the idiots who think that their once a year public show of affection actually means anything. ugh. i don't know. is it just me? valentines day almost makes me want to gag. maybe i will feel differently when soulkids eyes light up with newfound love -- i don't know. but for me, for now, it doesn't take "show" to Know. hmmm.. not a bad slogan. for what? dunno. it just came to me. but it works.

ok.. anyhow-- good Lord.. i'm all over the place this morning. oh-- what DID we do about dinner? hubby cooked steaks on the grill/smoker. yummy. he had to go to the store. which apparently was no fun for him; with all the last minute dinner and flower shoppers. but he got back, and had some steaks and some salmon for soulkid. she loves salmon..and of course chicken. picky much? it all turned out yummy. i made baked taters, and some green beans. good dinner, no dressing up --or gagging required. :))

anyhow-- when he got back from the store-- he had a big ole box in his hands--- just like the one that came earlier-- and said-- you didn't hear the fed ex guy??? i was like no-- i think sushi did though.. cuz right after he left for the store-- sushi had a barking attack and went to the door, but neither soulkid or i heard anything.

so anyhow.. i was on the computer.. TRYING to talk to someone.. and there's soulkid opening MY box! and soulman.. glaring at me because i didn't immediately stop what i was doing to open my gift. (i was just trying to finish a thought on the puter) :)) which i lost ..btw.
so i had to end my conversation..mid sentence and i opened my gift... well.. was wasn't already opened by soulkid-- which wasn't much :))--- and it was mahvelous. beautiful, red roses with babies breath.. a red vase, and a little box of chocolate. :)) very nice. and really-- i don't even remember the last time he got me flowers. i could guess..but i'd prolly be wrong. but it has been a while.

(*note- i remembered when i found last years Vday post-
hubby got me roses -OOPS-- told ya i would be wrong to guess-
bad me-

(insert photo here)

(that's the chocolates on the left end-
hubbys card , my roses,
and soulkids A.M. cheapo flowers.---
and just a note-
that's a really pretty angel on the way far left--
that jamie sent me for christmas-
along with that wood "Faith" sign :))-
and that fish photo frame-- was a christmas gift from my sis (Oldy)

so then... we ate , watched a couple recorded tv shows: survivor.. and celebrity apprentice... and then i took my non- romantic ass to bed.. at like 930. :))

all in all-- a nice day in soulland
i really hope y'all had good ones toooooooo.

so anyways-- since this ended up to be so long, i will post last years Vday later tonight-- if you care to return. :))

happy FRIDAY!!!!