Saturday, June 20, 2009

a home of our own??? finally ?

well folks, we did it-- we signed the papers last night, and put an offer in for the house. the one in the video-- obviously. we feel pretty good about the offer--- and we only asked them to fix two things-- or if they didn't want to they could deduct the money it would cost-- and they are cheap fixes.. both less than a couple or three hundred total. and really-- we coulda really been picky over these things and asked them to replace stuff that woulda cost a couple thousand... so-- we're easy. hope they are. we didn't ask too much lower than the asking price-- but we did ask for closing costs---- that's where the worry comes in. but i hear most people ask for that anyhow-- and this guy has a ton of equity in this place-- he bought the land and built the house--- i really don't see him whining too much about that. he may ask for half or something. who knows. we are quite out of practice in buying homes ya know. it's been quite a while since we've been through this. i'm happy we have a good agent working with us.

anyhow-- have a look at the video-- it's very short. it doesn't show as much as i would like it to. if we do another walk through i'll take more pix of other stuff i want you to see.

few things : the big room with the wood floor is upstairs...the two smaller rooms and bathroom is upstairs too, there's several closets up there, which will surely be stuffed to the gills...or not-- the garage has shelves and cabinets --so that could be my saving grace as far as storing crap goes. plus the shed out back will all for soulmans' crap-- his giant tool box, lawnmower, all his yard tools etc, it has two windows--his plan is to add a window A/C so he can work out there-- little does he know-- his crap will fill it UP. (maybe) if he finds a trash can it might not. ;))
just have a look .. we have lots of plans for this place-- and already have a (used) pool table on hold for after we get moved in...i have wanted one for years--and now finally have space for one.. oh and i love the built ins. their everywhere!
oh and just so ya know-- the first thing i'm buying? a brand new tim the tool man taylor powered dishwasher!!! the one there looks too much like the one here-- that just doesn't work for a crap-- you have to wash before you load..what the hell good is that but a waste of electricity? it's a dishwasher payment if ya ask me.. on my now paid off sears card LOL. oh-- and i am also gonna put a ceiling fan in the kitchen.. why they don't do that here is just stupid and beyond my comprehension. and-- we are gonna put a ceiling fan or two on the back patio----and screen doors! i have always-- well for years--since our first house we bought-- wanted to open the front and back doors when it's cool-- but i never can, cuz i never have a screen door---but now i will. bwa hahahahaha. OH--- AND it has a doggy door in the back.. bad thing? the stupid cats can get out too... wonder how we will deal with that issue. hmmmm.
ok anyhow-- have a look. i must get offa here. i got thangs to do--- that will hopefully get done.
i have my doubts tho-- we're kidless... it's quiet...and it just feels oh so good.

happy happy saturday