Thursday, April 24, 2008

a day

my house still stinks, and i still don't know if it's a dead thing in the attic or not-
cuz we haven't had a chance to move the crap under the ladder yet-
bey ya wish you were us huh?
i'll let ya know as soon as i know what IT is.
in the meantime-
i'm just gaggin along-
(actually- the smell is lessening- so it prolly is a rat-- nearly gone? )

her's about how i feel right now-
i have been bustin my ass all damn day.
dr appt.
dishes -- WOO HOO ! yes- i did them ALL-
trust me, there were LOTS too.
and i did a ton of other crap-- but still --
i have a looong way to go before i am done. but i am out of gas.

SO-- we're goin out to eat, cuz i don't wanna dirty my kitchen. :))
then i have to come home and start "MY LAUNDRY "
and other crap-
and watch survivor.
etc etc etc.

i didn't get around blogland today- but will try to later on.
if i don't make it , i will try again tomorrow.

latah peeps-