Sunday, March 7, 2010

soulkid is a sweet 16 ! or is she? bwa hahaha

( sorry folks , looks like i lied. i have worked on that video all day long. and i still don't have it done. i have everything now except the music, but i am all out of energy, and i am also blind. which means i am finished for the night. i shall finish it sometime tomorrow. i have to upload the music. ugh.
goo'night peeps.)


yep she is -- she really is a sweet girl. y'all know she is. at least she can be.

her party was last night. we took her to the restaurant (dammit i STILL can't spell that!) of her choice. phew-- there went a weeks worth of groceries. :)) but they had a great time. and so did us old folks. but we saw lots of smiles and giggles out of the girls -- and isn't that the goal? so , yeh, i would say it was a success. i will also say -- it was not what we as parents had imagined in our own minds for 'her' sweet 16. but it was HER sweet 16 and she wouldn't change a thing. that is what's important. it was her party, her memory, her day, and aside from the stinkin head cold that crept up on her and still worsens, it couldn't have been more perfect --. so yippee, for her.
only thing? her 'real birthday' is on the ninth-- and lemmee tell ya-- i already hear that train comin--- what she will expect on her real birthday i'm not sure yet-- but it'll be somethin. i'll be sure to let you know. and also if we deliver -- which i'm sure we will. prolly just another dinner out-- but i assure you-- it will not be where we went last night-- or any where near that budget.
more like outback -- or maybe even mcdonalds :))

ok-- so-- i plan to make a video after i do this post-- so i'm not gonna post too many pix here-- but i'll put the video up later-- and y'all know those take a while -- so cruise by later tonight to view it. k.

anyhow-- here ya go-- a few soulkid life moments :)) and b-day pix
i have a almost new frickin all in one scanner printer thing-- and i have yet to figure out the scanner-- other wise i would have a better selection-- i could only use what i had saved on my puter- or photo pages.

anyhow-- without further ado -- i bring you--


(click any photo to enlarge)

time goes too fast. i'm almost an empty nester. i know i'll miss the arguing. the laughing. the deep talks. and the tricks on my mind. not far from today.
she might be a little turd sometimes---- but she's mine. and she's beautiful.

come back tonight for the video -
i bet the finished product will make me cry.

laterz folks
happy sunday in your worlds
it's rainin here-- hope y'all are gettin sunshine