Thursday, April 3, 2008

A/C hell update

i don't have a good feeling about this-- at all-

ever hear the ole saying-- "ya get what ya pay for" ?

well... , dammit-- i have a feeling that the landlady trying to save a couple hundred bucks-- is gonna cause US a LOT of problems.

someone rang the doorbell today-- i wasn't expecting anyone--- usually-- someone will call before showing up--right? well.. not today-- not a day that my house is trashed-- and a bed sitting in the doorway-- anyhow-- i check the peek-hole--and right away know who it is and why they are here-- but am pissed i didn't get a call first.

it is two asian dudes.. (y'all know i have nothin against asian peeps-- i just knew that because they were asian..that they had been sent here by the home owner)--here to check the air conditioner. so i open the door--and yes i am right-- oh but first-- i had to put the dogs up-- sushi was barkin her ass off-- and eevee was just scary lookin. so i get them put up then open the door. sure enough, that's why they're here. one of the guys has a damn cast on his arm. ugh.

so anyhow-- i let them in , they go in the attic... i hear one of them set off a rat trap and scream! OMG... i grumble to myself about just how fun this is gonna be. i could smell the incompetence !!! i had a worse feeling from these guys than i did the 200 year old a/c guy.

they come down.. and start asking ME a bunch of questions-- about the a/c.. so basically-- they had no need to troubleshoot-- because i just told them the entire history and diagnosis of the damn thing. then they go to check the outside unit--- the can't pull the stupid stakes out of the ground that hold a little fence up-- ugh. i'm about to have a freakin seizure! they finally get through the fence and walk away , leaving the tool bag and gauges on the ground-- i say-- umm.. do you need this?
aha yes i should have my tools bag.
i walk back inside, holding my now pounding head.
a while later they come back in.
so i ask what they found out-- like i didn't already know. hmmm.
yes there's a leak. hmm. ok. aaaand?
he doesn't know. maybe replace the coils.. maybe the whole thing.
oh really?
well, how much? (hoping silently--that they will want a whole lot more than the other guy.)
they say "maybe 1500.00."

UGH. i think. shit! they'll pay 1500 before 1750. BUT .. these guys just don't seem like they know what they're doing. really. i just didn't have a good feeling. they really didn't DO anything. the other guy actually worked, and checked stuff. even noticed that we didn't have a filter-- these guys didn't even check that.

so-- i ask .. how long will it take?
maybe a day.
the other guy said HALF a day.
plus--the other guy, called while he was here and made sure he had all the parts-- these guys didn;t.

so anyhow-- after they left-- i went up to check and see if they left a mess or anything up there-- and guess what i noticed? they STOLE my damned flashlight!! the one i JUST bought last night! i had left it by the ladder up there so i wouldn't have to carry it up. and they TOOK it!

i do NOT want them here again!
i just don't think they will do it right-- or fast. a broken arm? that's as bad as old.

so--- i called soulman.. told him all this stuff-- told him their lower estimate would be all the owners were gonna pay attention to. he said he would pay the difference-- and would email the owner after work. PHEW.

i can't believe the owners paid yet another service call for these guys to come out here-- and do nothing-- except steal my flashlight!!!

today is kinda hot too-- i want my a/c to work. asap.

i am so bored i can't even THINK