Wednesday, April 1, 2009

where in the hell does the time go

another night of sittin up all night. i did finally pass out around five a.m, but that only lasted til 7. now it's almost 8 already and i have like 20 minutes to ready myself and be out the door. ugh.
i hope this pattern changes soon.

until then i'll just sleep blog and howl at the moon.

but on the bright side? i think i may have found a job,
until i begin to sleep normally again.......
i wonder if it pays well? :))

i don't know if i mentioned it or not-- but there is a sketch artist in my group...
she is gonna sketch a picture of my son, Patrick, with Jesus for me..
yes , for a fee, but that's fine. i have wanted this picture for years.
i saw it -- similarly , in my mind once soon after he died.
she says she will do it , and it isn't gonna break the bank either.
i can't wait to see it after she's done she is good.

but-- here is something similar that i found online---
it will just be that Jesus is holding Patrick.. and some other subtle changes.
i'm excited.

and last but not least-----

soulkid is HOME!!!!
i have group and a neuro apointment-
and soulman has to work..
so it's not a great way for her to spend her first full day home...
being alone.
but sometimes that's a good thing.
she may just enjoy it.
hopefully she can stay outta trouble.


i gotta roll on outta here--

happy days to you all.