Friday, April 18, 2008

mornin peeps

mornin peeps i survived yesterday.

hopefully y'all did too!

as you can see-- (by the underlining-- and perhaps the time stamp- this morning isn't starting off so great for me.) not only these things but, Eevie--- was pacing-- and clicking her fingernails ALL over my damn bedroom, at 330 this morning-- no, inot 333-- at least i don't think so. i did finally get up with her at about 340 though to put her out. i have NO damn idea why hubby has decided to keep her damn crate unlocked at night. but we will be having a talk about that tonight. it's not like i don't have enough trouble sleeping as it is dontcha think? i really don't need any help from a tap dancing dog in the middle of the damn night. oh but now? eevie AND hubby both are sleeping like little babies while i'm sittin here in the living room.. drinking swill and chainsmoking.. my LAST pack of cigaretes.
for whatever reason, my coffee pot decided to explode on the counter top this morning.. therefore it only made like half a pot of coffee, and is strong as hell. oh don't even bother to tell me i coulda made another pot-- or even added water to this one-- i know that already-- i just didn't feel like it-- after i had already sat down with it. not after all the hassle with the the dog..and the coffee mess, and booting up the computer , and lightin a cig, and just gettin all comfy-- i wasn't gonna get back up to make - or mess with coffee. so i will live. i'm lazy---remember? besides-- it's 4 a.m. you'd be lazy too.
and if this doesn't stop underlining i will scream.

so anyhow- ya-- last night-- i don't think i got to sleep before midnight-- and this morning up before four. it'll be a fun day for anyone within ear shot of me today. unless they're smart enough to not speak to me, cross me, or get in my way :))

ok, shit i was hoping if i moved down here to type the underlining would stop-- apparently i was wrong---guess we will all just have to deal with it. hmmm. does anyone else have this damn problem?? it does it to me alot. and i hate it.

ok anyhow. y'all were right. yesterday.. i did bite off more than i could chew with my little to do list from hell. BUT i did manage to accomplish even more than even i thought i might. not all of it. but most. i couldn't have without soulman though.

i did get the dishes-- except the pans-- washed in the morning.

and a few loads of laundry done-- i thought i was finished -- UNTIL-- i found a big bucket of soulkids laundry -- in the garage! WTH? ( i remembered later i had put it there, a few days ago-- my bad.. it was in my way, and i forgot about it..ooops.. no wonder the kid had no clothes... she does now tho :))

we went and got my labs done-- which we both thought would take like 15 minutes. WRONG.
we were there for one full hour ! i sat for over twenty minutes-- for NO reason. just while the woman made phone calls, sat on her ass and talked to herself. yes really. and did whatever. then when she finally called me back, i sat there for ten more minutes before she came back..she was there alone btw. before she called me to the back- i was the only one there-- after i got back there i heard a few ppl come in. anyhow-- she finally goes back-- theres a glitch on the paperwork-- she has to call the dr office-- there goes another ten-15 minutes. the blood draw took only five minutes when she actually got to it- and i was gone. and pissed about the wasted time. and freezing. you ever notice how damn cold those places are?? like a friggin morgue! ugh.

after that , we ended up at SAMS club, instead of wally hell. in a way it was better. not as many people-- but in a way it was worse. we spent a lot of money-- didn't get everything i needed, got stuff i didn't need. and will need to STILL have to go to wally hell--- another day-- but it aint gonna be today. no way. but i was glad soulman was there to push the cart-load- and unload all that crap.

oh, and i did get the bills paid and mailed.. except one or two i will have to pay in person today-- cuz they are too late to mail.. oops :(( shame on me.

what else?
oh moving the furniture. well.. by the time we did all that-- we got home from sams and got stuff put up-- it was lunch time. for some reason.. eating wears my ass out . seems to be worse in the day, but it just wipes me out. within half an hour of eating.. all i ate was a damn hot dog! i was a sleep in my chair ! from like 2-330. OOPS.

by then i had to wake up--smoke, have some tea, talk to hubby, wait for soulkid, all that afternoon stuff. then try to figiure out what we were gonna have for dinner--

BUT-- i saw the news about that time--- we were under a tornado watch.. and storm warning and all that fun stuff. so we ended up cleaning out the garage-- instead of moving the furniture we had planned on moving in the house-- we ended up moving furniture and boxes that we had out there-- along with the aircraft parts-- that were a project of hubbys-- that he still hasn't finished. so we got that all moved to make room for my car. i couldn't stand the thought of my car being killed with baseball sized hail that was expected.
i was thrilled to actually park my car in there for the first time in months though.
even though-- we really lucked out , and not ONE hail stone fell in our part of town !! woo hoo.

we did get our tornado shelter plan put together though. last year, on april 13th.. we spent about an hour in the bathroom.. me and soulkid.. with 2 dogs, and 2 cats-- while soulman drove home from work... his car got pretty messed up while we were pelted by huge hail that day-- but he was ok. the roof of the house got pretty messed up too-- our old house-- the landlord never fixed it. now we know why-- the asshat never paid the mortgage either ! ERG!!!
(we passed by that house yesterday btw, first time in a while--- looks like someone lives there now. i wonder what they did about the black mold??? i bet they had to tear out that whole wall and closet floor.. ewwweee) anyhow-- y'all know-- if things wouldn't have happened like they did with that house-- with us not knowing about that mold-- we coulda ended up really sick??
everything happens for a reason --- we don't have to know what the reason is i guess..

well.. what next? i need coffee. no, i'm not making more-- i'll just put sweet junk in it. normally it's black for me.. but not when it's swill, and i'm lazy.

no big plans for me today-- i don't think-- just gotta get cigs, and a toothbrush-- and pay my cell bill in person before they turn it off. and a couple other small things. oh and maybe get furniture moved. that would be good to finally get done.

what are y'all dooooooin???

OH ps--- we were at SAMS yesterday-- just guess how much they were askin for reg unleaded gas ??? $3.33 !!!! no kiddin. if i woulda had my camera i woulda took a picture !
even hubby said it was freaky !

i just may take you guys up on this lotto thing-- :))