Wednesday, October 12, 2011


yola folks and folkettes -what's goinin on ? !

how's things in yalls world?  things are runnin fairly smooth in mine. wait .  that's a lie.  i spose i'm just used to sayin that .  it works though .  there truly is power in positive lying.  i mean thinking.  but honestly now, this is my blog right?  this is where i'm supposed to be able to come and spill the beans about my real stuff isn't it?  i could lie if ya want me to.  do you?  prolly so.  ok.  i will.  the good news is -- my sister came out for a visit this past weekend. a real live just to visit  - visit.  not cuz i was sick.  not to help me work on the house.  not to catch a flight out of the country - really , she does those things on occasion.  and none of those visits are for any length of time - or much fun.  this time there was no other agenda or depressing stuff to deal with. just US. and LOTS of walking and shopping, and fewd. we were on GO from the mooinute she got here til the minute she left - and we had a real good time.  it was exhausting.. but it was fun.  i do hope she feels the same.  (ehem?) she got here Friday and left late afternoon sunday.  i will say this much -- i was happy to see her , she is leaving the country again in only a few weeks, i would have been sad if i didn't get to see her first -- but , yeh, i was also happy to find the OFF swith after she went home.  :))  she took my last ounce of energy with her.  :))

ok.. what else?  OH. while she was here - yeh, we did find a little down time.  one evening we watched some home videos we made back in the day -- around 1988-1990 ish.  those were great fun to watch.  as in belly laugh fun.  i know how folks feel about other peoples home movies - but these are just different guys. these are MY nephews.  the three lil monkeys you've read about for all these years.  don't you wanna see them when they were little brats?  :))  only a couple -- just take a peek - you can stop em whenever ya want to - but at least give em a chance -- k?

--- ugh - i just remembered -- i haven't put a movie on here in ages ... maybe i won't -- i'll wait til i fish posting -- then at least i can save my post before i potentionally screw something up.

ok-- continuing on -- and prolly gonna forget all about posting the vidz...

ummmm.....     hmmmm.  seems i got nuthin.  how can that be?  prolly cuz i'm liein thru my teeth. oh, not about anything i've written.  i mean just by omission. yep.  there's stuff i'm just trying not to say.  so with my fingers all tied up?  i have nothin to talk about.  lemmee go see if i have any new pix to show ya...

ok -- i found a few photos -

 this is our dog "Eevee'
when i get too hungry , i look like her 
like right now.  i am stahvin !

 these are the fish tacos i have mentioned here
i wish i could have some for dinnah !
but, Soulman is cookin - right now... and it smells

this is a gigantic grasshopper on top of my car -
i bet ya i could catch "WALTER" with him.
what do you think about that?
thing about that for me is -- i never use live bait :((

ok folks - ya wanna hear what i'm holdin back?  it's not any kind of bad news.  nuthin ya haven't heard before .  well some of it is.   damn whatever is cookin is gettin yummy and yummier smellin.  i don't even know what it is.

ok anyhow. i'll start with soulman. he finallllllleeeeee went to the dr today. a podiatrist. his foot has been causing him a shit-ton of pain for months.  he is a pretty big guy for those who don't know.  he also is a pilot instructor, who stands on his feet all day, every day. 8-10 hours a day.  so, he came home from the doc and gave me the rundown.  it doesn't sound like much fun for him.  in fact it sounds kinda scary for him.  it looks like he may be facing surgery.  for a man who has to stand on his feet for a livin.. and stands to fish for a hobby -- this could be life altering if they can't fix his foot -- or worse, if they screw it up.  they have to actually grind and cut his bone !  ugh.  i'm worried for him.  i'm sure he is too, but of course he says he isn't.  this could take place as soon as just a few weeks.  yeh, we are both worried.  

all i will say about me is my pain is just about out of control. has been for a few months.  i haven't had the money to do anything about it, but finally scheduled the shots i need to hopefully help.  this time it's a big thing. or maybe i'm just a worry wart. i knew all this a day or two ago and found out today about hubby.  mine is scheduled for the 20th of this month.  hubby could be having surgery only a couple weeks behind my procedure. i'm gettin shots in both sides of my neck and two areas of my spine this time.  i am not worried about the shots themselves - i have had this done a half a dozen times.  i am worried about the pain i might have afterwards .. it happens.. and if it flares up any worse than it already is.. it is just gonna suck.

wellp ladies and gents -- i just heard the dinner bell -- yall know where i'm headin.. you are saved from any family movies for this day.  maybe next time.  :))

have happy nights - or mornings in yalls worlds -- you know i will try -- i'm actually doin pretty good lately -- hope yall are too 

no time for proofreading -- i hope you got thru this mess