Sunday, July 27, 2008

you'll be ok -- it's a quickie

Dedicated To AC (at: I Know Not What)

much stuff about not much

well, here i was with all these big plans on a big post for the morning. to answer some questions, and explain some new changes in plans-- YES.. AGAIN. geesh. i got up way too early today. it wouldn't have been bad -- or at least not "so bad", id i had been on my normal schedule-- like goin to- or bein asleep by 930- 10 p.m.... but lately-- like passed three weeks, i haven;t been able to get to sleep til around 12 or 1 am. but it just isn;t happenin for me. down at 9 or 10 ok. but not asleep til real late-- and up early several days in a row-- like 3-4 a.m. -- guess what time i got up this morning? 3:33. that's just too flippin weird ! and weird, that i see that number so very often. that didn't even start happening til the year my mom died-- 2005?? hell, i'm not even sure anymore. that's pretty terrible of me huh. prolly better that way tho-- everyone elses death is etched in my mind like a deep wound that won't heal. i'm pretty sure it was o5 tho-- june.
why that matters all of the sudden i have no idea-- so i will move on---

anyhow-- i was starting this post to bitch that i had spent the last hour lookin for some pics to go with it, but couldn;t find any-- so was goin to give up on it-- but now that i look at it-- who needs pix right? it's goins somewhere-- little scattered , but it's movin. so i'll just keep goin with it.

oh, anyhow-- back to 333-- yep-- i was actually sleepin pretty good-- til i suddenly hear some very very loud, and crappy music. so i laid there a minute to figure out where it was coming from.. that didn't take long-- it was coming from soulkids room.. at the opposite end of the house.. ERG... so i had to get up-- walk all the way out there , and of course i go in her room to turn it off-- and i get scolded-- "i'm still awake , leave it alone"-- well, ummm, i'm awake TOO.. thank you very much... "mwa muwa muwa mwa---ugh--- she turns it down.. but of course not enough. i get all settled in with my coffe etc... and i hate to have ANY noise in the morning. but i hear her music still-- and it is the same song--- on repeat-- it's not blasting loud, but i hear it-- clearly, and for the FIFTH time. i couldn't stand it anymore. i go back in there to TRY to turn it off. i'm not familiar with that stereo-- i can't find the buttons.. it's dark.. she wakes up bitchin at me-- i was almost asleep...nag nag nag... uhhhh welll scuze me... i still hear it and i don't want to--- aaaahhhhhhhhhhhrrrrggggg... she turns it down again.. i get back out here -- get comfy-- i still hear the damn thing.
why is it i'm deaf when i want to hear-- and when i don't want to hear, every single sound is amplified??? i finally put on the acoustic rock station on tv. very low of course, but enough to drown out her crap. it's distracting. but that could be a good thing. so far it is.

so --- it's goin on 5 now-- where does the time go? seems the day just drags it's ass when i actually am trying to something productive, but when i'm on here four hours can just disappear in a flash. time goes faster on here than even when i'm fishin. i'd like to know why that is.

so , now that i've written my hour long preface-- is that the word?? :))
i'm havin trouble finding the right words to use lately. but i guess that'll have to do.

but anyhow-- movin on--

i did manage to get the dogs placed in the kennel yesterday. -- did i say that somewhere already? if so-- sorry. if not-- i did. i was relieved that they had space on short notice too. they are closed today for drop-offs, so i had to take em in yesterday-- but i didn't take em til almost five p.m. cuz i didn't want them to stay a minute longer than they had to. i missed them terrible by 8 . i really love my doggies. they are like my kids--- i know y'all think i'm an evil bitch-- but i just don't worry about - or miss my cats like i do my dogs. i feel detached when im not with my dogs. it's like bein away from my kids. ya know.
the cats though? i swear-- they are like havin a running lawnmower , constantly goin through the house-- they really are that irritating and destructive. ugh. i do care about them.. i would never wish anything bad on them.. i just am not attached to them.

ok-- well, i've delayed this part enough i spose. i didn't even wanna put it up. but i had people mention hearing about or knowing about lake amistad-- and then.. wishin me my big fish from there. that i can't just wait two weeks or so to say this. it really may not even be a surprise--
because as you know-- i am ME--- and shit like this just seems to happen to ME-- alot-- and it did-- again.

until i have more specifics on this-- i'll just say that-- "for medical reasons"-- that ought not surprise any of you--- lake amistad has been suddenly pulled from our itinerary. :((
i had to call hubby last night to let him know that i should not drive that far on my own.. especially with two kids in the car-- and that he should come get us.
i'm really not up to that much driving-- and he will have had his four days down there-- so, he will be home monday-- and we will just leave the boat here, and we will only go to san antonio for the vacay thing. there's quite a bit to do there... enough to keep us and the girls satisfied, and happy for a few days. sea world, schlitterban water park, the alamo, the river walk-- with lotsa restaurants, and shopping, a pool at the hotel, --apparently with peacocks walkin around it :)) ,
we'll surely find stuff to keep us busy.
we have been there once before .. like 7 years ago-- our first real family vacation. soulkid was missing her two front teeth. :)) and she was sweet and had a lot of fun, and we didnt even do much that time. so i think this will be a good time.
i got the room on priceline last night-- saved 45 bucks a night doin it that way :)) --- bad thing-- it's a damn NON-smoking hotel. BUT- all rooms have balconies-- so i can smoke out there-- or if it's ground level that won't be so bad either. i don't mind smokin outside so much when it's warm.. but if it's freezin i get pretty pissed off to have to smoke outside after payin for a room.

so anyhow-- my dreams of catchin me a big ole hawg at amistad is put on hold. i do want to go -- sometime. it's just too nice a place to not fish-- at least once. it just can't happen right now. besides,, from the looks of things in san antonio-- with our original plan.. hubby would have still had the boat--and i would have had my car-- and parking is over 20 bucks a day-- and near impossible. like new york. so-- it's all ok.

anyhow-- i've been up for almost 2 hours, and i am soo damn tired i cant stand it-- but i'm not one who can usually go right back to bed... but i'll bet i'll be ready for a nap before noon ! i kinda hope i can pull thru the day today tho-- i do have a lot to do. i did manage to get a lot done yesterday-- just not enough. much i need to do can be done on my ass today tho-- :))

what are y'all doin today????