Tuesday, May 12, 2009

random tuesday stuff


want some laughs? click on the above link and listen to the sounds of mental cats, singing birds, mice , rats, and a whole bunch of other animals and birds. i only listened to a few-- but the cat ones got me laughin.

so, anyways.... here i am. happy tuesday folks.
a couple of peeps want to know what i found out at the doc yesterday. well... the first thing i found out ? was that the friggin appointment was for a PAP ! surprise! i was thrilled, dontchya know? ugh. a fate worse than death for me. if i woulda known that was what the appointment was for? i woulda canceled in a heartbeat. it wasn't even scheduled til next month sometime. was i pissed? oh you know i was. but-- i spose that's one of the many joys of bein a woman. humileation and torment. but, i was there, and it decided to go on with it. even though i wanted to run out the door as fast-- ok, faster , than i came in it.

so anyhow-- since i wasn't gonnna get any answers or comments on the ultrasound... i went down to records and got a copy of the ultrasound report. then of course, you know when i got home, i made myself a date with doctor goooooogle. my best friend, and my worst enemy.
from what i read -- both on the report, and on google-- i have come to one conclusion. that is to get a second opinion -- from a REAL doctor. one who doesn't shove 250 patients through the office like a heard of cattle every day. i'm not comfortable with the report-- or the damn radiologist not talking to me about it.
and--- that is as much as i will say about this on here until i know more.

aside from that? hmmm..
oh! Eevee , is finally going to the doggy doc for her breast lump. if you could call it that. it's very concerning, and i am glad she will finally get checked out. we are hoping it's only a clogged duct? a cyst? anything but cancer-- but-- as you know-- i am ME , and anything is friggin possible. it's the curse you know. but i will keep you advised on that one.
and for those who don't know...

THIS, is evee:

i hope she's ok.

oh yes... i almost forgot -- josie asked when we are supposed to move... that would be on or before july 1st. and i have some good news as far as that goes--- i got my VA home loan certificate in the mail yesterday. y'all know what that means, right? well, it means we are well on our way to buying our own house !!! i just need to pay off a couple credit cards, clear up some errors, of course pay a collection or two---- and we will get our house. so see??? life doesn't suck completely in my world. only partially. and only part of the time. things are lookin up. life's funny that way around here-- just seems to balance out sometimes, or somehow, once in a while.

so anyways-- i think that's it for the soul news o' the day.

hope you all have happy days in your worlds...