Sunday, August 17, 2008

the sound of sports and x-box 360 make me suicidal :))

howdy folks!
yes , i am late-- again-- as usual.
"just love me "

i slept late - again.
which was good actually.
i think i actually slept all night thru--
for once.
well except waking up at like 1230-
can't remember why-
a noise?
but i went right back to sleep-
a miracle.
so anyhow -

THIS ---
is exactly what i saw looking back at me
when i looked in the mirror this morning-
sad, isn't it??
my first thought?
kurt cobain -resurrected -
i really am the epitome of GRUNGE lately.
tsk , tsk, tsk.

i suppose that along with my lack of personal hygiene,
also comes a lack of thought, focus, and responsibility.
also leading to

which i know you all love.
i try though.
but i do apologize for my poor writing skillz
well-- the entire summer.
i know it has sucked
thru and thru.
it has to get better soon-
cuz we all know
it just can't get much worse.
can it??

i came across this pic this morning-
during my three hour, scour, of google images.
really-- 3 hours.
what a laze.
anyhow, not only did i find it kinda funny in itself.
it was just kinda tempting to me-
like if it were in front of me-
i'd just have to see HOW sharp can a rusty sign actually BE ??
i'm just too crazy sometimes.
is that bad?
be honest-i can take it.

oh-- speakin of crazy - and bad-
i am really kinda on the edge here lately-
meaning that everything just gets to me.
everything from not enough alone time-
to the thought of losing my drivers license again- for the full six months-this time-
to the sound of sports-and the fuckin announcers on tv--
which is all that is ever on tv lately-
well, that or friggin x-bx 360 live--
guns, bombs, and soulman.. sayin --well anything that you'd never think he would say-
it all ---and so much more makes me wanna just yank my hair out!!!!

oh shit----
i have been kinda stealthy about the latest medical "thing"
haven't i?
well.. now you know.
yup- a few weeks ago- when soulman was at lake amistad-
i had a seizure- either the night he left- or the night after- not sure which.
i was asleep when it happened.
i wouldn't have even known it happened,
except that my lip and tongue, were totally f'd up.
so ya, anyhow-
i have not been drivin hardly at all-
we've been in training for me to not have a license.
and it does suck
i have no idea yet why i would have a second seizure-
not anymore than i know about havin the first one.
(which i thought was a medicine reaction-which i guess is now, not the case)
now i'm thinkin, my brother was epileptic- and this is possibly,
a late onset of epilepsy????-- no friggin clue- but my appt with the neuro is tomorrow--- finally, and if i learn anything new-- i will fill you in.

soooo- movin on---

as i was googlin pix, i also did a little research on somethin
and i'll tell ya-
big medical terminology-
well, it can make ya go blind.
at least it did me-
that, and more-
i had to give up on it for a while
and i came here-
to talk to y'all

i decided i would talk a little about-
my dishes :))
i know you love it when i do-

guess what i found about dishes?
a few that i thought y'all would like-

THIS was my faveorite-
and y'all know why-

HAHA-- memorieeeees--

and then there's THIS one-

THEN, of course i would have to find one
that would make me feel bad for bitchin all the time-
but it is true-
still, i will continue to bich, and we all know it-

so anyhow --
i reaqlly have little else to say right now-
wish i had a great story to tell-
like THIS?
but, well, i don't.
i'm not that cool .
i wish i was.
i wanna be as cool as my dog thinks i am.
or at least as cool as
can we still pretend?

can me and Portia still be Batman and Robin??

we really are gonna meet someday-
maybe at the REAL Batcave!
if we can find it--
and i'm SURE we will do somethin totally CRAZY when we do!
we just don't know what it is yet
i'm sure we'll tell ya though